Found 22nd Apr 2010
I have this camera and paid over £200 for it - only came out in UK in December!

Exceptional quality super wide angle Leica lens, 12 Megapixel sensor, Power OIS optical image stabiliser to assist in use of the 8x optical zoom lens, 720p HD motion capture. In other words - a feature list as long as your arm!

Great reviews all over the web e.g…cfm
If you're looking for a camera look no further - it does absolutely everything in a neat, robust package.

Furthermore - available here in WHITE which was previously only available through the Panasonic stores network at a whopping £289.

Apparently reduction in cost due to release of DMC-ZX3 which has a 10x zoom, but to be entirely honest, it has some really good automated feature where you can extend the optical zoom capability but lose on the megapixel count without stepping into digital zoom hell.

Price appears to include free delivery!


This is an absolutely fabulous camera for the money. I bought mine from Costco a couple of months ago when on offer at around £160. Can't recommend enough, voted HOT!!!

Good price & I like small gadgets, but this is a girls camera !

The controls are too small & fragile, especially the zoom - it feels like it could break any time.

The TZ6, 7, 8 or 10 are better cameras - better build quality, better PQ....

not a very fast lens, so not too great at indoors / evening shots. But then most in this range are similar, and the Panas OIS (esp the new "Power OIS") is very good.

Great price for this though.

This is a very good price, but im still not sure though.
Is the ZX1 better than the TZ6? The TZ6 looks much bulkier, and a little outdated.
What is the white camera like? Would have preferred Black or Silver, but they are more expensive.

Cheers - Bought one of these a few days ago. Thought I had the last one - it was down to zero stock then suddenly levels went back up to 1 so I grabbed it quick.

Since then they've had a few more in. 17 now available.

Also 3.5% Quidco (pre-VAT price). Comes in at £4.14 - not too shabby.

SirHugo :thumbsup:
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