Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ S/STEEL COMBI-MICROWAVE 15% off + 5% Quidco (TODAY only!) + 5 year guarantee  £176.03 @ Comet

Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ S/STEEL COMBI-MICROWAVE 15% off + 5% Quidco (TODAY only!) + 5 year guarantee £176.03 @ Comet

Found 4th Aug 2011
This is an award-winning combi-microwave with excellent reviews. Priced at around £250-260 in most shops. There is also an offer from Panasonic for a free 5 year guarantee. Complete PDF and send off.

There is an offer for today only on this model of microwave. Use code 15MICRO150 at checkout with a further 5% if using Quidco. Also, Free next day delivery at Comet.…rue

1000w Family Size Combination Oven Stainless Steel Finish
CF7 series introduces the advantages of a Flat Bed Oven into our Combination range of Microwave Ovens. The absence of a turntable significantly increases cooking flexibilities, and new Panasonic technology guarantees even and uniform cooking. A full temperature range of 100C-250C, ensures success when cooking anything from meringues and pastries to roast joints.
Combination cooking can reduce the cooking times by half to two thirds, depending on the food and will give a traditional finish of an ordinary oven. The Drop Down Door will allow you to easily insert and extract your finished dishes with little effort.
In line with Panasonic ECO IDEAS this model also comes with energy saving functions: it reduces energy consumption when not operating, in addition to energy saving advantages common to all inverter ovens.

Use code 15MICRO150 at checkout.
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Great Microwave, Have hade the steam version of this machine for a few years now. Cannot fault it.
I've had two Panasonic s/s combi microwaves and as much as I love the Panasonic brand their microwaves in my experience are not the best,which is a shame because they cook great chicken.

First one conked out after 12 months out of warranty. Second one died within the warranty. Fortunately I got my money back on the second one and purchased a Kenwood s/s combi microwave which is still going strong after 18 months.

I may have been unlucky but after searching online for reviews other people had similar experiences to me with the Panasonic.
Good when they work, I've had 3 of them. Every one has broken down repeatedly, 2 of them 3 times. The doors / catches usually break (the springs inside) and cannot be repaired. Shame because if it were not for the same problem time after time I would have bought this. My latest is a Samsung combination - time will tell.
BUT of course - the 5 year guaranteeeeeee !!! you'll need it.
Had 2 Panasonic microwaves from Amazon over past 3-4years..both broke went caput on xmas day!! luckily most of food(obviously not the turkey or roast veg etc) cooked by then and it died heating up choc fudge dessert. Also door release button went.
I now have a Delonghi Combi microwave got on offer thro hotukdeals from Argos and its briliant

OK. I'm quite interested in this but some of the quality control comments concerned me. I have read through around 100 reviews, mainly on Revoo. The vast majority of customers have left positive reviews of 8, 9 or 10. The poor reviews are either a result of product breakdown, comments on complexity of operation, concerns that the product did not have the advertised power output or fit/finish of controls.

I think the product breakdown possibility is negated by the 5 year guarantee.

For those individuals concerned with the product complexity. They appear to have a point. Even customers who were happy with the purchase often mentioned having to frequently refer to the manual.

Most people appeared happy with the power output and those who were not based this on anecdotal evidence. I suspect this is a red herring.

For fit and finish of controls. The use of some plastic which can be prone to resting hot plates against is a concern and difficulty keeping the microwave clean due to vents / knobs is also a concern.

Overall, given that customers are more likely to leave a review if they are disappointed by a product, an overall Revoo score of 8.8 means that disappointed customers are very much in a minority. There appear to be a number of regular reliability issues although most reports relating to these stopped towards the end of 2010 and so it is possible these have now been resolved. I would suggest that most customers are likely never to experience reliability issues. If you do, the 5 year guarantee is there. To make the most of the oven, you will have to devote a lot of time and energy to reading the manual. If you are not willing to do this, a lot of the features which make this so expensive will be inaccessible to you and so you will get less value from it. I remain concerned at the use of plastics in areas where they are likely to get heat damaged. For this reason, I do not intend buying until I have personally seen the model. This may mean that I can’t take advantage of the today only offer.

I have been able to view the oven in John Lewis. My impressions are that it is smaller than I was expecting given that many of the comments are about how large it is. The standard of finish is good but perhaps more industrial looking than some of the black lacquer LG's. I couldn't see any obvious plastic parts that could be melted by putting hot plates against them. As a result, I would be happy to purchase the oven if the offer were to be repeated.
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