Panasonic NN-E289BMBPQ Microwave oven £39.99@BestBuy

Panasonic NN-E289BMBPQ Microwave oven £[email protected]

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Panasonic NN-E289BMBPQ Microwave

The Panasonic NN-E289BMBPQ Microwave will take care of all of your cooking needs. Compact, it has a sleek, contemporary black finish and will fit well in many kinds of kitchens without taking up too much space. However, with an interior capacity of 19L it gives you enough room to fit in a variety of meals and drinks.

There are five different power settings on the Panasonic E289M microwave. It also boasts nine auto start/cook modes and a useful auto weight defrost and cook mode. Once you have keyed in the weight of the food you are defrosting or cooking, the oven automatically cooks it for exactly the right amount of time leaving you with delicious results.

The Panasonic NN-E289BMBPQ Microwave also comes with a 99-minute timer with audible warning, an easy clean finish and a child lock.


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Looks nice in black.

Cant go wrong with a Panna !!

Cant go wrong with a Panna !!

Granted that it was probably an isolated case, but it was a 6-month old Panasonic microwave that caught fire (about two years ago in the early hours of the morning) and, in turn, set fire to my friend's sister's kitchen whilst the family was asleep upstairs.

There seems to be a handful of Chinese manufacturers supplying branded and non-branded microwaves of similar specification and capacity to the UK market. The products originating in the same factory are easy to spot as there are distinct similarities between them, such as specification, labelling, case screw style and location and user-manual wording. It appears that the manufacturers mostly supply to UK supermarkets as own-branded products, but also Prestige, Russell Hobbs, De'Longhi etc... and I'm sure I saw a Panasonic when we were looking to buy last year.

Anyway to get back to my point, just because it says Panasonic on the exterior doesn't mean that it was designed and built by Panasonic and is of the quality that you would traditionally expect of Panasonic.
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Cant go wrong with a Panna !![/quote]

That's not my experience. We've had 2 Panasonic combination M/waves and neither lasted more than 2 years before developing major faults. Panasonic customer services were no help whatsoever.

We then bought a Sharp and this has now lasted 5 years and is still going strong.

That said, it's probably a good price for a cheap microwave and if it only lasts 2 years you've had your money's worth.

Had two panasonic microwaves that both died within 2 years too, is a shame, as they were fantastic microwaves with lovely even heating when they worked due to their 'inverter' tech or whatever it was. Current sharp is nothing like as good with that.

Weird, when I think about it, we've had 2 Panasonic microwaves/combination ovens and neither's got beyond 2 years. But then neither did the Daewoo or Morphy Richards ones either. Guess they're just not built to last / disposable ... and at this price I'm not complaining. OP - thanks so much !

Cheap microwaves (under £100) are really not built to last these days

My Panasonic (Genius) microwave is 27 years old and still going strong. It was £400 all those years ago though.

I've had 2 panasonic microwaves, the first was great, lasted years and when it finally broke I replaced it with the equivalent model which just kept breaking - build quality seems to have gone downhill

Things used to be engineered as far as was possible but now they are engineered to have an average lifespan only as long as public perception remains neutral for the brand.

27 years ago, few people had microwaves but today everyone has them. The only way to sell someone a microwave is to have their current microwave break down. Simple as.

Good price, but only 700w and seeminlgy too small for most families.
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