Panasonic NR-B53VW2WB American Style Fridge Freezer for 1199.95 and possibly £754.50 after cutback etc @ Electrical Discount UK (cash back available)

Panasonic NR-B53VW2WB American Style Fridge Freezer for 1199.95 and possibly £754.50 after cutback etc @ Electrical Discount UK (cash back available)

Found 1st Jan 2015
£1199.95 from Electrical Discount UK, £45.45 topcashback + £400 cash back from Panasonic if you buy before 09/01/15. £754.50 total with delivery.…on/
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Makes no sense
How's does that work out to be £199.95. As £1199.95 - £45.45 - £400 doesn't come to £199.95
Oh sorry didn't realise you missed out the 1 which equates to £1000
As the correct price is £1,199.95 and assuming you get the cashback, then the final price net that you pay for this should be £754.50
Good deal, I got mine 4 weeks ago, at £999, including £200 cashback.....should have waited...
Excellent fridge freezer, and A++ energy rating
I've had the very similar Panasonic NR-B54X1-WB for 3 years. It's a great fridge freezer, my only complaint is the ridiculous price for the tiny water filter - £50 a pop and they only last a couple of months.
Great appliance... but the filters are ridiculously expensive. I use the cheaper generic version available from amazon. good deal...
Excellent fridge-freezer. I have this. Only model that is flat front with no handle sticking out from the machine - for those that this kind of thing matters.
Does anyone have any experience with electrical direct? I would probably buy this as it,s a toss up between this and the samsung 7667fh
White goods is 4.2%
So cashback is £50.23 or £42.00 if cashback is excluding VAT.

Can you explain your calculation?
4.04% for a classic member
Then cashback is £48.31 or £40.40 if excl VAT. I do not get £45.45.
I have this fridge freezer myself, it is incredible. The fridge is a great size, has different cool zones for different products and the ice maker/crusher and water dispenser has been heavily used throughout the summer.

One word of caution, the icemaker/water dispenser is plumbed into the mains and is filtered and the replacement filters work out about £40 for 6 months
That said, we love the clean filtered water it dispenses and the ice maker has been the most popular feature in our house so had we been using a brita or similar filter for jugs of filtered water, the cost would have been the same, except with this its plumbed, on tap, instant and worth every single penny

Heat from me, this price is a steal and really people, a top end american style fridge freezer for under £750 (max TCB will take it below 750), this should go smokin !

Price £1199.95
-TCB (4.2%) -£ 50.39
-Panasonic C/B -£ 400.00
Total £749.56

Here is the link to the panasonic cashback offer HERE

The deal is only on for purchase up until 9th Jan so get your skates on if you ever wanted a big fridge freezer and have room to put it (they are pretty large so get the tape measure out

Panasonic page for this is HERE

Edited by: "Bugeyed" 2nd Jan 2015
So cashback is excluding VAT.

=£1199 - £45.45 - £400 = £753.55

£80 a year for a filter is a joke. Can you use it without a filter?
Does the icemaker work without plumbing it? Some people may not have a convenient water source close by.

How cold is the water in this model? Other complain it is not very cold.

Price gone up now to £1249.95 EXPIRE.

This is what this store always does.... It increases prices when you put a deal on this site.
Same thing happened to a Samsung Ecobubble washing machine last year. Purchased for £315 and increased to £349.
If you see a deal on the site, buy it as they always increase prices.

Appliances Direct £1198.97 or £19 off this with a Which Trial.

These are difficult to deliver.
First one: sent one man to deliver this and dropped it.
Second one: 2 men came and door damaged. Even 2 men is hard.
May be third time lucky.

Easier to buy a freezer and a refrigerator and put them next to each other.
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