Panasonic NV-GS60 MiniDV Camcorder INSTORE - £99.99!

Panasonic NV-GS60 MiniDV Camcorder INSTORE - £99.99!

LocalFound 16th Mar 2008
I don't know too much about Camcorders, but this seems a good price for a branded, basic model. This was INSTORE at my local Sainsburys, but didn't appear to be a store only special.


The compact NV-GS60 MiniDV camcorder has a 30x optical zoom, image stabiliser and a useful wide angle lens.

* 30x Optical Zoom
* 1000x Digital Zoom
* Useful 35.7mm Wide Angle (35mm equivalent)
* Digital Image Stabiliser
* 2.5" Colour LCD Screen
* Colour Viewfinder
* Full Auto or Manual Exposure Controls
* Stand Alone Charger
* Pure Colour Engine

Powerful Zoom and Useful Wide Angle
Panasonic's optical zoom gives you a way to capture incredible shots from great distances. The 30x optical zoom on this model also has a very useful wide angle capability of 35.7mm (35mm film camera equivalent). Often overlooked, a good wide angle will allow you to get large groups of people or buildings into shot without having to back away to fit them in.

Digital Image Stabiliser
Hand-shake can be a real problem while recording video, especially when using the powerful zoom lens. The Digital Image Stabiliser can compensate for hand-shake to make your videos much clearer.

2.5" Colour LCD and Colour Viewfinder
See everything in colour as you're recording. The LCD screen is useful for recording at any angle but the colour viewfinder is still the one to use in very bright conditions.

Auto and Manual Controls
The NV-GS60 couldn't be easier to use in Auto mode as everything but the zooming is done for you. If you feel the need to get more creative, this model has manual controls for focus, aperture, shutter speed and white balance.

Stand Alone Charger
Most modern camcorders charge their battery on the camcorder. The charger supplied with this model re-charges the supplied battery away from the camcorder. This means that if you purchase a second battery, it's possible to be using the camcorder with one while the other is on charge.

Pure Colour Engine
This innovative engine achieves truly superb colour reproduction for high-zoomed pictures.
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Looks Good for the price.
normally cant go wrog with a panasonic:thumbsup:
red roofer;1727375

normally cant go wrog with a panasonic:thumbsup:

they arent so good for camcorders imo....bought one a few years ago.....problems started after just 4 months light use...had the tape transport unit replaced under warranty.....then it intermittent probs occured again after another years light use they wouldnt repair it as out of warranty ..wasnt impressed for a near £1200 rrp item (i paid just over half that)!!....barely used it since but it finally packed up last year....normally a panny fan but i wouldnt buy another of their camcorders...bought a sony HD camcorder last year, its been faultless (so far!)...

having said that you get alot for £100
You bought this model or a different model?
Just nipped out and bought this after Tesco let me down twice with a sony they didn't have any stock of.
The reviews look good and it is a smart and dinky little thing. Looks well worth the £99 considering the last time I bought a camcorder was 12 years ago and it cost me £850!
Nice weight and easy to handle and looks well thought out.
I just wish they had put a tape in the box - I didn't think twice about it and I can't be bothered to go out again!
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