Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 Wet and Dry Four-Blade Men's Shaver £72.00 + £4.80 shipping  @ Amazon - Shavers UK.

Panasonic Premium ES-RF31 Wet and Dry Four-Blade Men's Shaver £72.00 + £4.80 shipping @ Amazon - Shavers UK.

Found 31st Dec 2010
Down from £149.95.

Description from website:

Product Description
Product Description
ES-RF31 is a stylish Premium 4-Blade shaver incorporates leading edge technologies giving superior results every time. Your face is not flat, so why should your razor be? The curved foil is the perfect solution for hard-to-reach hairs like those under the chin. By creating an arched surface, the foil fits uniformly against the skin for a close, accurate shave. Panasonic's Pro-Curve Quad-Blade shaver has unique features to give a gentle-on-the-skin, clean, smooth shave.

The World's Sharpest Four Blades for the cleanest cut. Revolutionary Multi-Arc Foils fit uniformly against the skin, so close shaving can be achieved over the entire surface. Super Flexible Pivoting Head rocks up and down to a maximum of 8 mm, and rocks side to side up to 14 degrees following the contours of your face for a smooth and comfortable shave. Optimum 30-degree nano technology blades--the inner blades have been sharpened using Nano particle technology to achieve an extremely fine blade tip edge of 0.3 microns, reducing cutting resistance by half.

Panasonic’s Wet & Dry Technology provides you with the flexibility to shave dry or wet with the convenience of an electric razor. The ES-RF31 is the perfect alternative to the manual razor, where you can enjoy the refreshing feeling of water and shaving foam. Just by lathering up, or when shaving in the shower, Panasonic’s ES-RF31 protects your skin--providing a softer, smoother shave. When you've finished shaving, simply rinse the shaver clean under water. Men’s shavers have never been so good and convenient. This shaver incorporates a very fast motor at 10,000 rpms for a fast shave. It is designed to maintain shaving power and performance when shaving tough whiskers for a faster smoother shave. Fourth finishing foil lifts short, flat-lying hairs and shaves them close. Using the world's first 3-dimensional pattern processing, Panasonic have created a honeycomb-shaped foil as thin as 41 microns; this makes close and gentle shaving under the chin and throat an effortless task.
Box Contains
# 1 x Shaver handset
# 1 x Cleaning brush
# 1 x Carrying pouch
# 1 x Mains cord
# 1 x Cleaning cartridge
# Operating instructions

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