Panasonic SC-HC39DBEBS Flat Panel Hi-Fi System Bluetooth A2DP, DAB Radio, FM, USB, CD player; refurb £79.99 @ Ebay/Panasonic

Panasonic SC-HC39DBEBS Flat Panel Hi-Fi System Bluetooth A2DP, DAB Radio, FM, USB, CD player; refurb £79.99 @ Ebay/Panasonic

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Found 11th May 2015
Panasonic CD player with additional features
FM Radio
phone charging port. Just received it. It sounds fantastic. Refurb is direct from Panasonic +12months warranty.
Big saving! Also can be wall mounted. Great reviews online. Mine came in original Panasonic packaging as well.
All round great sound and price makes it sound even better.

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Sorry forgot to mention. From Panasonic directly on eBay buy it now.
ordered Thanks, was after a replacement bedroom system..8)
Any comparison to Bose? Looks good btw
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Don't know how Bose sounds. This for me sounds excellent and a lot cheaper. Lovely deep base and clear mid range and crisp treble. The Bluetooth streaming is my favourite feature.
Thanks a lot ....just what i've been looking for.:D
Just ordered one - you get a lot for the money - and 12 month guarantee and next day DPD delivery is a bonus - showing at £199 in Currys.
Anyone seen a black one of these going for same price?
I would be a little concerned reading the amazon reviews.
Bluetooth has a ridiculously short range ( less than half a metre - they only even claim 2m distance ) and both that and usb input require you to use Panasonic's streaming software ! !
So thats two of its main features they have killed.
My concer over this style of HiFi is the door mechanism. Over the years either with ones I've purchased or returns I saw when in retail. Sliding CD doors that expose a vertical laser assembly can be flaky.
So be careful but don't expect this to last a lifetime.
My one works just excellent over 5m away. Also I just use my music app that came with android. I have tried Windows phone as well and that works well. Not tested iPhone as I don't have one. No additional software or codecs required for streaming. The instruction manual is not well designed though.
I got mine delivered today - in Panasonic box, everything looked brand new - no problem setting up - CD player - DAB radio (taped aerial up side of window behind curtain, very clear reception) - NFC/Bluetooth, no need to use Panny app - remote works fine. Looks nice as well - the display (which can be dimmed) looks nice - I think this is a bargain at the price.
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got one @£79 now down to £69 even betteer deal
No worth the effort. Initial unit would tune into only one DAB station, replacement unit would not tune into any...Immensely disappointing but probably explains why there are so many being "refubished"
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