Panasonic SC-PT170EB-K 5.1 DVD Home Cinema System £134.97 @ Amazon

Panasonic SC-PT170EB-K 5.1 DVD Home Cinema System £134.97 @ Amazon

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Found 15th Feb 2010
Premium Sound Quality through advanced technology and design
Through using the best technologies, best design and all our huge know-how, Panasonic Home Cinema Systems adapt and respond to the various acoustic needs of your home. Whether you want to play powerful music with as much life and bass as if it were live, or watch a film on gone to bed low volume, you can expect your Panasonic system to deliver the highest quality of sound at both ends of the scale.

The centre and front speakers are made of bamboo, which has received high acclaim not just because it is environmentally friendly, but because it offers a more extensive sound range. They are aligned in a vertical symmetrical configuration, with the tweeter in the centre and the woofers arranged directly above and below it. This reproduces a perfect and clear sound, seeming to emanate from a single point.

Should you require all of this clarity and depth at a low level, the new Whisper-mode Surround feature ensures none of the surround effect is lost. With this function, turning down the volume does not mean turning down the entertainment experience. The sound quality is retained by compensating for the sound pressure level of the low-frequency component (which contains the signals that affect the surround effect). Therefore rich sound, crisp and clear, continues to flow around you. With a complete premium sound quality and features that make it ideal for all occasions, you can expect that throughout the day or night, your entertainment system provides you with the most fantastic sound.

Easy connectivity with Panasonic Home Cinema Systems
An ideal way to conveniently enjoy the music on your iPod® is to connect it to a fantastic sound system at home. Panasonic Home Cinema Systems combine top-of-the-range sound quality with the most convenient connectivity: no cables are required, you simply dock your iPod® into the integrated universal dock!

Additionally, via the USB port on the Home Cinema System, you can enjoy your music of from USB portable audio players.

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