PANASONIC SCBT230 £259.95 @ RicherSounds
PANASONIC SCBT230 £259.95 @ RicherSounds

PANASONIC SCBT230 £259.95 @ RicherSounds

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Claim 6 gift Blu-ray movies including Avatar, Minority Report, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Sound of Music, Knight and Day and The Kingdom of Heaven when you buy this system!

The Panasonic SCBT230 looks set to be another award winning home cinema product for Panasonic.

By using a combination of physical and virtual speakers, the Panasonic SC-BT230 delivers an enveloping and engaging sound. As standard, the SCBT230 comes with five surround speakers. The speakers feature Panasonic's unique bamboo cones for a purer, more detailed sound quality. In addition to excellent quality speakers, this Panasonic also offers 7.1 channel virtual effect system for an even more "wrap-around" sound quality.

In addition to its trick processing and quality speakers, the SC-BT230 also features a built-in Blu-ray player. Featuring PHL Reference Chroma Plus, the Blu-ray performance is every bit as good as you'd expect from a Panasonic Blu-ray player. In addition, it will also play your existing DVDs to a very high standard and even playback DivX and DivX HD discs, too.

Thanks to the latest type of HDMI socket, connecting the SCBT230 to your TV is simple. Just use a single compatible (v1.4 spec) HDMI lead and that's all you need to carry both the picture to the TV and the sound back again. Known as Audio Return, this cuts down on the wires needed and genuinely means that one wire between TV and system really does now do it all.

In addition to high quality sound and vision, the SCBT230 also offers iPod/iPhone compatibility. Plug in your iPod or iPhone and enjoy full title listing on your TV plus, of course the playback and charging of your device. Finally, the SCBT230 also features VIERA CAST. VIERA CAST lets you access YouTube, Picasa and other Internet sites via a special screen and using the Ethernet connection. Also standard is DLNA compatibility and the option to connect wirelessly to your home network hub (optional equipment required). This lets you stream photo, video and music from your computer or NAS (Network Attached Storage) without the need for extra wires.

For a highly competitive all-in-one AV Blu-ray system, the Panasonic SCBT230 makes a tempting choice.


Great find. Might try and get John Lewis to price match it.


Worth it for Alvin and the Chipmunks alone.

If this had 3+ HDMI inputs i'd be kicking myself for having just bought this.
However, the complete lack of HDMI inputs (just 1 HDMI output) makes it unsuitable for my needs.

Hot Deal, but not for everyone.


FYI, the official specs for this Panasonic can be found here.

I wonder how this fares against the likes of the recently discounted (from Harrods) Sony BDV-E370.
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i have this or something similar (cant be bothered to look)
my harmony one has no work around for the "scroll" through method that this uses for audio input
a major pain in the bum for me


i have this or something similar (cant be bothered to look)my harmony one … i have this or something similar (cant be bothered to look)my harmony one has no work around for the "scroll" through method that this uses for audio inputa major pain in the bum for me

Have you tried the Logitech helpline ? My friend were having issues with their Logitech remote not controlling their LG plasma as it had apparently "relative" inputs rather than "absolute" and they were able to escalata to 2nd level support (in Canada from memory) and got a call back within a couple of hours and a specific download to work around their problems! ie some of tbe best technical support I'd ever seen.
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