Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Breadmaker for £95.99 @ Amazon

Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Breadmaker for £95.99 @ Amazon

Found 24th Aug 2013
This particular breadmaker model is believed to be one of the best on the market. I kept an eye on it for some time and I've just seen the big price drop ... and decided to go for it
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Less dough needed....
Just bought one, lowest price I've seen. heat added.
Got sd 2500 for £60 brilliant

Got sd 2500 for £60 brilliant

Where did you buy it?
John Lewis a year ago.
If it was half this price I may be interested
Be interested. It's really good.
buy a decent mixer with a dough hook and Paul Hollywoods bread cook book, much nicer results!

Got sd 2500 for £60 brilliant

That's the one I also bought around this time last year from John Lewis for £60,very pleased with it

buy a decent mixer with a dough hook and Paul Hollywoods bread cook book, … buy a decent mixer with a dough hook and Paul Hollywoods bread cook book, much nicer results!

And you'd do that daily?
Fantastic machine, highly recommended
Only one paddle. Aldi sells the £30 one with 2 paddles.
Back about 10 years ago when I used to work at Currys we used to have reps come in showing off all different bread machines and without doubt the Panasonic always produced the closest thing to bread. I think that was the sd99 model back then so I'm sure it's moved on and got much better.

The panasonics were also by far and away the most reliable.
Had one for years. Brilliant.
Hot and thanks for the post.
Which recommended so bought one then, been an absolute blessing, especially jam making...yet to bake a cake but if as good as the breads...the best thing I have ever bought HOT
Good price. Still expensive. Cannot help thinking that Panasonic are making a mint out of this. But that's what business is all about...

Will keep going with our old machine. Only problem is the baked bread removal is difficult. (pan has lost its non-stick).
I got the SD 2500 a year ago for £60 too. The bread is really nice, better than from of a shop and you can control the amount of salt that goes into a loaf. Shop bought bread is notoriously high in salt, it slows the speed of yeast growth down and makes the bread stay risen throughout the process. If you add less salt the bread becomes slightly less light but in my opinion more tasty and more like an artisan loaf. I've experimented and found that if you add half the recommended salt and half the recommended yeast you still get a very nice tasty loaf with less salt (good for people with high blood pressure) and less yeast (good for people who suffer from thrush) If bread manufacturers put less salt in bread they would prevent 10,000 deaths a year. So in my opinion worth the money just through being able to control the salt levels in your loaf. Also, adding more salt to also food makes you want to eat more so it will also help people who are overweight.
grrr. too late. i have been waiting for this to drop below £100 for ages. it is now back up to £114.97. i guess increased eemand made them up the price...
ARgh! This deal came too late for me. Bought myself the SD-2502 model for £121 2 weeks ago...
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