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Panasonic SD-YR2550SXC Fully Automatic Breadmaker - £149.76 Delivered @ Amazon

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Seems to have good reviews and is a lot cheaper than other places.
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    Worth noting that this ‘50’ is not the top model - that is the ‘40’.

    The ‘30’ is usually dramatically cheaper than both those.
    The 30 has 30 programmes and features a nut/seed/raisin dispenser, so that those inclusions are added automatically once the dough has reached the appropriate stage.
    The ONLY features that the 50 adds (over the 30) are one additional programme (for 100% Rye flour bread), a special paddle for that programme only and a yeast dispenser (presumably to obviate any risk of the yeast being either deactivated by proximity to salt or prematurely activated by contact with moisture).
    Pay still more for the 40 and the ONLY addition from the 50 is one additional programme for making bread from 100% Spelt flour.
    Yes, the trim colour varies with the model, but you really shouldn’t buy a bread machine as a decorative feature!

    Considering that last week there were offers on the 30 for £99 and £110, even though £150 may be lower than usual for the 50, I personally don’t think the pure Rye programme is worth the extra £40 or £50… so I’m not voting either way.

    Panasonic range intro press release panasonic.com/uk/corporate/news/articles/panasonic-unveils-new-breadmaker-line-up-for-quality-you-can-taste-in-every-bake.html

    Last week’s deal on the 30(now expired) hotukdeals.com/share-deal-from-app/4073061 (edited)