Panasonic SD254 Breadmaker £30 off - now £67.89 @ Argos
Panasonic SD254 Breadmaker £30 off - now £67.89 @ Argos

Panasonic SD254 Breadmaker £30 off - now £67.89 @ Argos

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* Bakes medium, large and extra large loaves.

* 17 programmes.

* 3 crust settings.

* 1 hour 55 minute fast bake.

* 13 hour timer.

* Cool touch.

* Beep and count down timer to add ingredients.

* Cake recipes.

* Gluten free programme.

* Non slip feet.

Also on Amazon for a few pence cheaper and John Lewis. Stock seems limited, probably due to their Rep - Panasonic regularly come out top in breadmachine polls.


why so cold?
£30 quid off - brill h&r +

Here we go again ...........

The Panasonic SD252 through to SD254 have to be the best breadmakers on the market (especially for the price).

In fact - brb ........... breadmaker beeping

Here we go - this is what a 5 year old Panasonic SD252 looks like when its used at least once a week (normally 3-4 times a week) every week for 5 years :-D


And after all those loaves, abuse and dough it still produces a perfect loaf every time. The wife is into brown bread for her packup at the moment and this makes a perfect brown (or white or granary) loaf every time - this one is about 10 minutes out of the breadmaker ready for tomorrow


Also makes fantastic dough for home made Pizzas


this is the one we got many years ago & it was no good despite giving it many go's, just popped my 2 penn'erth on a £19.95 cookworks bread machinee thread.

..buy wrights breadmix, make the dough up by hand or in a mier & reap the beneffits of taste & texture.

..I compare bread machines brick efforts in general as appealing as eating lunch off a sweaty jockstrap!

ours is gathering dust elsewhere now thank goodness.

I've only twice had a bad loaf from this breadmaker.

The first was when I used Tesco own brand bread flour and although not a disaster it wasn't very good.

The second time was when our little monster ate all the sugar from the sugar bowl and sneakily replaced it with salt - obviously putting a tablespoon and a half of salt in kills the yeast ........

I use Tesco Strong brown flour (33p a loaf), Tesco yeast (79p for 6 sachets - makes 12 loaves), salt, butter,sugar, milk and water - I estimate it costs me around 50p or less per loaf.

We had two other breadmakers before this and they were useless. Since getting this one I'd never touch another brand breadmaker.

Panasonic Breadmaker always get great reviews and I would only ever have a Panasonic. I have used them since the very first one they made came out (think it was around 1990)!

It's pizza for tea tonight care of my Panasonic - I've had the model prior to this for about 3 years and use it 2 or 3 times a week (only two of us..)
I found an even older model 252 at a car boot for £3 which I bought originally for spares - but guess what - it still makes brilliant bread, so is going to my sister (Merry Xmas sis!!)
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