Panasonic SD255 Breadmaker £77.68 delivered @ Dixons
Panasonic SD255 Breadmaker £77.68 delivered @ Dixons

Panasonic SD255 Breadmaker £77.68 delivered @ Dixons

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Have been after this breadmaker for ages and managed to get a good deal from Dixons - £77.68 delivered using code from myvouchercodes.co.uk By entering BREAD10 you receive 10% off their current price of £86.31 making the overall price £77.68 delivered.

The above voucher code expires 6.3.09.

This is the best price I have seen this breadmaker for on the internet and I have been looking for ages............

Dixons are also offering 5% off Irons using code IRON5, 5% off kettles using code KET5 & 7.5% off toasters using code TOAST75...all codes expire 3pm Friday 6th March 2009.


£67.03 @ ]Amazon

Got one of these and they are the best! Tried others and no comparison.


£67.03 @ ]Amazon

That doesnt have the nut/dried fruit dispenser which the 255 does


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£67.03 @ ]Amazon

The above price is for the SD254 model which does not have the nut/dried fruit dispenser as marmalade47 says and therefore is the model down from the SD255. The SD255 is actually £86.31 from Amazon.

I am quite confident this is the best price you will find for this model at the moment. This machine also gets excellent reviews.


We have the older version of the Panasonic breadmaker and love it. They are the closest thing I've seen to a miracle:) You throw (measure) in all the ingredients put the bread tin in the unit and out pops a loaf of bread the next morning.

I did have a problem with the bread not rising last year and it turned out that the flour harvest was poor and the flour wasn't strong enough. I tried lots of different flours from Tesco's own at under 50p a bag to Allinson's at about £1.30 and the only one that reliably rises is Waitrose's own. Its 79p a bag and I highly recommend it and have done to a few people I know who had a similar problem. They are all converts to it now too.

The other tip is to get some digital kitchen scales, put the tin on it and weigh the ingredients straight into it, zeroing it between each. Even the water you can do this way - don't forget 350ml of water weighs 350g.

I have the SD255 and it is brilliant. Never had a bad loaf yet and thats in 3 months use, baking every other day. Not bought a shop loaf since and never will. This is a good price, I paid £97 at Argos. Silly me (but I did have tons of gift cards so it only cost me £9 at the end).

Fantastic machine, the best of the lot. Only downfall is you can't make jam in it like you can in some of the others.

Very good machine - I just use it to mix the dough and cook in the oven.

TIP - Always sieve the flour first - you will see a noticeable improvement. Always sieve flour for any purpose even if it says no need to sieve on the bag.
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