Panasonic SDR-H40 40GB Hard Disk Camcorder - now £218.49 del. @ Jessops! Lunchtime Special

Panasonic SDR-H40 40GB Hard Disk Camcorder - now £218.49 del. @ Jessops! Lunchtime Special

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Found 24th Oct 2008
Offer ends at 3pm today @ Jessops.

This Panasonic SDR-H40 40GB Hard Disk Camcorder has been reduced to just £229. ** To get it for just £218.49 delivered use Discount code: JESSOPS5

The SDR-H40 is a hybrid model that can record on either an SD (or SDHC) Memory Card or its built-in hard disks. 40GB Hard Disk Drive/SD Hybrid Camcorder with 42x Optical Zoom, Advanced Optical Image Stabilization, One-Touch DVD Copy, Anti-Shock Shield and One-Touch Navigation, Records to Internal Hard Drive or SD Card


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[COLOR=Purple]Record up to 36 hours of footage on the Panasonic SDR-H40[/COLOR]
Allows up to 36 hours of continuous shooting (when mains powered in LP mode) without having to clear any data space. Also features joystick menu control for rapid access to main functions

[COLOR=Purple]Optical System[/COLOR]
The huge 42x optical zoom allows for very large image magnification without any loss of resolution caused by digital zooming. The Optical Image Stabiliser (O.I.S.) is again incorporated into the lens setup to counteract camera shake before the image is recorded.

[COLOR=Purple]Pure Color Engine and MPEG 2 Engine[/COLOR]
The Pure Color Engine image processor separates out image information at an early stage for better colour reproduction especially on zoomed images.

The MPEG 2 Engine uses variable bit rate technology and is designed to carefully monitor motion and therefore gives great precision and smoothness to action and sports scenes with complex motions.

[COLOR=Purple]High Quality Widescreen and 2,7" LCD Display[/COLOR]
Records at the same resolution as true 16:9 widescreen for high quality playback on your widescreen TV. The 2.7 inch LCD monitor is also in 16:9 wide format for a large full screen image that is easy to view. The monitor also has five brightness levels to make viewing easier in bright lighting conditions.

[COLOR=Purple]Additional Features[/COLOR]
Also includes the following for easier, high quality shooting:
[*] Help Mode
[*] Disk Navigator- Quick search and edit facilities
[*]Instant On/ Off
[*]2.1 sec Quick Start
[*]Colour Night View[/LIST]
[COLOR=Purple]Easy Connectivity[/COLOR]
Can easily be connected to the optional Panasonic VW-BN1 DVD burner for easy transfer onto DVD disc for any DVD player.

Does this record film to sd cards if the hdd is full.

Can it take pics aswell
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