Panasonic SDR-S10 SD Camcorder - £149.99

Panasonic SDR-S10 SD Camcorder - £149.99

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This tiny camcorder is going for ~£250 at most other stores, in fact themselves have the RRP down as £329.99. It does not use a hard disk, DVD-RW, or Mini DV, but actually SD cards. are also selling their own-brand 8GB SDHC card for £14.99 at the moment - with this you're looking at over an hours footage at top XP quality. To be honest, not sure if the battery would last THAT long..!

Quidco too don't forget for a few bonus pennies, and attached 5% discount if not already used.


Looks like a good deal, takes 8gb memory cards thats brilliant.

Decent review here…htm
Sounds like the picture quality is fairly poor, especially in low loght conditions. Quite robust though, and a good deal for the price I think.

Can't seem to find any reviews of this other than the sigle play one.
Anyone know if these are any good?

Another review here…iew
By the way, anyone else find that the 2nd picture I posted above gets all broken up when they scroll down on this web page.

btw, just ordered one. Nice deal. Heat and rep added!

Which? reviewed it last month:…jsp

You need an account to see the details, so here's the summary:

This compact camcorder from Panasonic is really light and portable, but gives poor quality movies, poor photos, and has a short battery life of only 68 minutes.

It stores images onto an SD memory card and a 2GB card is supplied, so you can get started right away. A big advantage of SD storage is that transferring files to computer is quick and easy, but with a 2GB memory capacity, you can only store about 25 minutes of video on each card (recorded at the highest quality level).

Moving images lack clarity and have poor colour reproduction, but having said that, the image stabilising mechanism and autofocus work really well.

Still photos suffer from a number of imperfections too. They're noisy and show a marked degree of vignetting – which is where the middle of the picture looks much brighter that the outer edges.

This model won't allow you to take still photos whilst recording movie clips, but on the plus side, it's PictBridge enabled, so you can easily print off any pictures you do take, without the need to go via a computer.

The built-in microphone is mediocre, producing average sound quality, and there's no external microphone connection so you're stuck with the internal one.

Pros: Very portable, PictBridge enabled
Cons: Poor image quality, small memory capacity

Score (%) 49
Overall reliability Above average

Artificial light video 2 out of 5 stars: poor
Dim light video 2 out of 5 stars: poor
Overall video quality 2 out of 5 stars: poor
Image stabilisation 5 out of 5 stars: excellent
Autofocussing 4 out of 5 stars: good
Still photos 2 out of 5 stars: poor
Ease of use 4 out of 5 stars: good
Battery life (rating) 3 out of 5 stars: satisfactory
Sound quality 3 out of 5 stars: satisfactory
Features 4 out of 5 stars: good

Looks good............. hot :thumbsup:

thxs very much

urgh id rather shoot on mini DV


urgh id rather shoot on mini DV

genuine qu as im just looking for a camcorder and was going to go for dvd based

pointless, a modern digital camera can do the same for less ..

i had a similar one, problem with the battery life. when you take movie in any kind of inside environment it's poor, to dark and the sound quality in doors is poor to.

Outside is not to bad, however on in the day though, as night falls might as well not bother. One thing it is good for is for filming fast things, say someone on a rollercoster whizzing past.

I did buy a DVD one from recommendation. Sony DVD305 i think it is. Thats good for around the £200.

But this for the price is not to bad.

another review ]here

Either - use the movie function on a decent digital camera - if portability and ease of transfer are important


Get a proper videocamera - if you actually want decent looking footage.

My Canon Ixus 800 takes better movies that this and amazing photos.... a truly awesome camera i bought back in Nov 2006 when they were first launched. It was so good I sold my Sony IP7 handycam and Sony TVR17e DV camcorder (two absolutely amazing devices) because the digital camera can do a similar job.....

And I was store digital Camera and Camcorder expert at PC world for two years during my Uni Years..... not that that counts for much! lol

Samsung NV24 - shoots HD movie - SD card, supports SDHC(8GB cards folks) costs £149 - just got one - superb.

At last - an entry level camcorder on hukd! I have been considering getting one. But the reviews dont look great. I think I will stick with my new plan of getting a well-reviewed Jvc grd 770 for about 128 quid at ebuyer. Am I doing the right thing? I am not a fan of the idea of mini
Dv to be honest

Good price for this - yes you can get better quality for a similar price (custardy go for mini dv over dvd if image quality is important to you. Just make sure you have firewire on your pc and a good amount of ram too) BUT the big selling point of this entire range is the fact it is small and pocket sized but still gives MPEG2 level i.e. dvd quality moving pictures. Why would you want to take stills on this anyway? even HD camcorders are only 5MP which is not as good as a basic point and shoot.


The samsun NV24 seems a better deal, however the kodak stills cameras will record HD onto SD and take reasonable stills too.

£150 for this camcorder really is a bargain. It is small and very sturdy and although I am sure you can get a better quality camcorder for this price it will not be this small or as handy to use. You can turn this camcorder on in 1.7 seconds and it is ready to me that is fast! The quality looks just fine for everyday use (near enough DVD quality). I use it with imovie and my mac air, the files transfer quickly they are easy to edit and all in all it is much less hassle than using a tape based camcorder. So if you want both ease of use and ultra portability you cannot go wrong with this camcorder, especially for this price!

Get one of these clones :

Ebay number 290222801085

about £100 delivered from China with HDMI port

urgh id rather shoot on mini DV


why?genuine qu as im just looking for a camcorder and was going to go for … why?genuine qu as im just looking for a camcorder and was going to go for dvd based

DVD quality is far inferior to that you would capture on mini dv. The chip in the camera would lose quality as it is compressing the information digitally. Just think why don't professionals use dvd or hard drive cameras? ;-) (yes im aware, pros use digi beta tape but indies and semi pros use mini dv)

Depends what you need it for really, as stated a good quality stills camera with a movie function would be fine for your needs if this was the sort of quality you wanted.

liked the idea of it initally for activity days out but with the limitations in picture quality i'm leaning towards the kodak and samsung. the samsung has the dock which i dont think i would use much . cant find many reviews on the kodak . the samsung seems really nice as well but dont know if it's worth the extra £50 over the kodak.both cameras are great , but do any of the suffer in picture quality or user friendlyness.

Makes a good SECOND camcorder. Its water-resistant and shock proof. You can take it to the beach or on the log flume rides without worry. Mine is going up on a kite, having a ride on an R/C glider, being hauled up on an R/C helicopter and going for a blast on an R/C car. Just waiting for some decent weather.


Get one of these clones :Ebay number 290222801085about £100 delivered … Get one of these clones :Ebay number 290222801085about £100 delivered from China with HDMI port

Taken off the advert above:

"USB 2.0 high speed, not full speed - high speed is 5 times faster than full speed" :?

errr..say what? Can I have that in English please? :-D
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