Panasonic SDR-S7 SD Camcorder (Black) - £139.44 delivered @ Jessops!
Panasonic SDR-S7 SD Camcorder (Black) - £139.44 delivered @ Jessops!

Panasonic SDR-S7 SD Camcorder (Black) - £139.44 delivered @ Jessops!

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The Panasonic SDR-S7 is designed to be a take-anywhere camcorder, being as small as a digital compact camera and having a quick startup time of just 0.6 seconds. It records in DVD quality onto SDHC memory cards and also features YouTube uploader.

Also included are the following functions for easier shooting:

* Pre-Record Function- Rmembers the three seconds in a "buffer" before you press the record button, ensuring you don't miss the action
* Power LCD- Becomes brighter to help viewing in bright conditions
* Colour Night View- for recording down to 2 Lux illumination
* One-touch transfer to DVD burners
* Easy SD card viewing on any Panasonic Viera TV with an SD slot.


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10x Optical Zoom
Brings your subject in close without needing to digitally zoom so retaining image quality.

High Quality Widescreen and 2.7" LCD Display
Records at the same resolution as true 16:9 widescreen for high quality playback on your widescreen TV. The 2.7 inch LCD monitor is also in 16:9 wide format for a large full screen image that is easy to view.

Pure Color Engine and MPEG 2 Engine
The Pure Color Engine image processor separates out image information at an early stage for better colour reproduction especially on zoomed images.

The MPEG 2 Engine uses variable bit rate technology and is designed to carefully monitor motion and therefore gives great precision and smoothness to action and sports scenes with complex motions.

very good deal. Over £200 in Dixon's tax free dixonstaxfree.co.uk/ind…925

Cheaper than buying in America too! (bestbuy.com it's £185)

very tempted, but can't justify right now....

It's actually cheaper at] Digital Direct plus 2.5% Quidco - but only by a few pence. No vouchers required.

There's 3% Quidco at Jessops, so the difference is minimal.

I have this camcorder - recommended!

Got one of these for the missus for christmas in Blue. £146 from dixons but I paid less through egg card. Looks really good in the blue colour

Performance wise, well its OK. Its really good in decent light, but like most consumer camcorders its pretty shoddy in a dimly lit room (party etc). The main plus of this model is the size and weight. Its so much smaller and lighter than you could imagine. You can easily fit it in a jacket pocket, and my girlfriend just leaves it in her handbag its that small.


Just checked dixons and its still £146, not sure why in the post above dixons tax free have it priced wrong, but maybe they have listed the wrong model by mistake.

I've said it before on here but I bought this camera in the US last year and was very disappointed. It went straight back to Amazon. Perhaps my expectations were too high but it really wasn't much better than youtube quality. No effective image stabilisation either. In its favour it IS small and cute but I'd recommend downloading some samples before buying. I'm not going to vote because it IS a good price if you must buy it but IMO there are better alternatives.


I ended up with a Canon TX1 which was, at the time, only a little more. The difference in quality is night and day.
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