Panasonic soundbar SC-HTB8 Black £50 @ Sainsbury's instore only

Panasonic soundbar SC-HTB8 Black £50 @ Sainsbury's instore only

Found 16th Dec 2016
Instore @ Sainsbury Purley Way
£70 everywhere else
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This is a Which? Don't Buy. Scored 25%.
good deal if you live near by Pana do some good stuff
I've got one of these and the only good thing I can say about it is that it's the ideal size for a 32 inch set. The sound is very processed but is a bit clearer than what comes out of the tv speakers. I only paid £40 for mine from Sainsbury's. Overall it is an unimpressive bit of kit and I wouldn't spend £50 on it. Voting Cold.
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sounds like a good deal, bar none.
Is this sound bar quality any good? I have a basic Sony with sub woofer
DONT BUY IT, I bought one AGES AGO and it wont power on half the time without unplugging and plugging it back in like 20 times.

It is a GREAT soundbar when it works, but I cba spending 5 minutes each time I want to use it fiddling to get it to turn on.
this sound bar is crap I sent mine back to sainsburys and got myself the Samsung one
in Beaconsfield Branch as well
I got a refurb for £40 and its pretty good I think for that price. I play my phone thru it via Bluetooth and it is also connected to my new 4K Tv. The sound from the TV is much better with this switched on. Overall for £40 I'm quite happy
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