PANASONIC TH-37PX8B £464.55 Delivered + 2.5% Quidco

PANASONIC TH-37PX8B £464.55 Delivered + 2.5% Quidco

Found 16th Jun 2008
Seems like a deal to me Remember to use Voucher and Quidco !!

Feature Benefit
Colour BLACK
Dimensions Height=66.5cm Depth=32.7cm Width=91.7cm
Manufacturer Warranty Standard 1 Year Warranty
Plasma Television type .
HD Ready TV can show the required screen resolution and has the necessary connections to be able to show high definition content. These TVs comply to EICTAs specifications for the HD ready logo.
Digital tuner with all Freeview channels Receives all of the Freeview channels without the need for a separate adaptor. Also has an analogue tuner to receive normal analogue broadcasts. These include BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News 24, Sky News, Sky Sports News, ITV2, The Hits, CBBC, CBeebies plus digital radio channels. The TV also has a standard analogue tuner as well.
1024x768 pixel resolution The higher the number of pixels displayed on the screen, the higher the picture resolution will be.
10000:1 Contrast Ratio This is the measurement of the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black. The higher the contrast ratio the better the picture quality.
180 Degrees Viewing Angle Determines the optimum viewing angle
37 inches Television size Size of the television measured diagonally across the screen
Picture and Text Continue viewing TV in an inset box whilst accessing teletext information.
Teletext for instant access to news & information Access to ceefax and teletext services.
500 Page Teletext memory For later recall of text pages.
Fastext A quicker way to access Teletext information by using the red, green, yellow and blue buttons on the remote control.
PAL/NTSC progressive scan Scans individual picture lines in sequence rather than alternately, maximising the clarity of digital images from DVD and enhancing NTSC software playback.
On-screen menus For easy selection of features.
100 Channels Can be set to receive different programmes.
Sleep Timer Can be set to switch off automatically.
Auto set up for easy tuning Automatically tunes in and sets the channels at the touch of a button.
Child lock to prevent unwanted tampering By using a pass-code, the set can be prevented from being used by unauthorised persons, such as children.
Low energy consumption .
V-real 2 picture enhancement technology Picture enhancement technology improving the quality of your screen image
100Hz processor Displays 100 frames per second
2 HDMI connection(s) High Bandwidth Digital Multimedia Interface - highest qualit y digital connection.
Component video connection This connection delivers the ultimate picture resolution and can be used to connect a DVD player or Home Cinema system with a corresponding output to the TV.
HDCP enabled High Definition Copyright Protection - a chip that descrambl es a high definition broadcast.
2 RGB enabled scart socket These scart sockets can accept picture signals in high quality RGB format. Connecting a compatible DVD player or digital box/adapter via these sockets will therefore result in a better picture quality. These scart sockets are included in the total number of scart sockets listed above.
2 scart sockets Easy of connection of a DVD player, video, digital box or adapter etc.
S-Video Connection Enables a high quality connection to a video or DVD player with a corresponding output. Delivers a higher quality image by sending the colour and brightness elements down four separate wires.
audio and video connection For easy connection of equipment such as camcorders or games consoles.
Headphone socket Enables the use of personal headphones.
PCMCIA slot for pay channel module Enables the addition of a digital satellite module to access pay channels.
Nicam stereo Sound System Type of sound available on TV, appropriate home cinema system might be required.
20 watts Audio Power Output A larger output results in greater volume.
Digital text compatible Able to receive the digital text and interactive services broadcast by the BBC and other broadcasters.
2 days Electronic Programme Guide On-screen programme guide.
Digital Video Noise Reduction Reduces static noise, improving image quality.
Digital Comb Filter Separates combined colour and black & white picture information, to ensure crisp sharp picture detail without the kind of picture vibration experienced with fine picture detail.
Desktop TV stand included A small stand that enables you to place the TV in an upright position on a larger floor standing unit.
228/0.9 watts :in use/powered-down power consumption Our Technical lab measurement in Watts of energy consumption of TVs, both in use and on standby. Based on European standard EN62087:2003 using manufacturer standard settings.

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good deal and great price but out of stock was ready to buy unless anyone can beat this deal?

EDIT: is in stock at dixons for a tenner more with the AW10 code. anyone beat this?
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