PANASONIC TH-42PZ82B £689.99 plus delivery charge
PANASONIC TH-42PZ82B £689.99 plus delivery charge

PANASONIC TH-42PZ82B £689.99 plus delivery charge

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Feature Benefit
Colour BLACK
Dimensions Height=72.7cm Depth=32.7cm Width=104.8cm
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Years Cover included
30000:1 contrast ratio This is the measurement of the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black. The higher the contrast ratio the better the picture quality.
V real pro3 picture enhancement technology Picture enhancement technology improving the quality of your screen image
1920x1080 pixel resolution Pixel resolution measures the number of vertical lines by th e number of horizontal lines which can be displayed by the T V. A TV with a higher pixel resolution will have more pixels on screen making images appear sharper and clearer.
366/0.7 watts :in use/powered-down power consumption Our Technical lab measurement in Watts of energy consumption of TVs, both in use and on standby. Based on European standard EN62087:2003 using manufacturer standard settings.
Desktop TV stand included This TV comes with a desktop TV stand to display your TV. As k in store for more information on wall mounting and TV stan ds.
42 inches Television size Size of the television measured diagonally across the screen
Digital tuner with all Freeview channels This TV includes a digital tuner which allows you to watch u p to 40 digital Freeview TV channels with no monthly subscri ption or contract required. For more information on Freeview srevices visit www.freeview.co.uk.
180 Degrees Viewing Angle Determines the optimum viewing angle
20 watts Audio Power Output (RMS) A larger output results in greater volume.
2 scart sockets The Scart connector carries analogue sound and picture signa ls in one cable. Scart is currently one of the most popular ways of connecting TVs to other AV equipment. For improved p icture quality you may want to consider upgrading to HDMI wh ich carries digital sound and picture signals.
2 RGB enabled scart socket RGB enabled Scart connectors provide better picture quality than a standard Scart connector as they break the picture si gnal down in to its red, green and blue components. This mai ntains a higher picture quality whilst the signal is sent be tween your DVD and TV.
S-Video connection S-Video us an analogue connection which carries picture sign als that have been split in to colour and brightness. for im proved picture quality you may want to consider upgrading to an HDMI connector which carries digital sound and pictire s ignals.
Component video connection The component video connection provides the highest picture quality of all the analogue connectors by splitting the pict ure signal in to three components: brightness, colour and oc ntrast. This results in reduced interference and improved pi cture quality.
audio and video inputs Audio and video inputs (also known as Composite connectors) carry analogue audio and video signals. For improved picture quality you may want to consider upgrading to an HDMI conne ctor which carries digital sound and picture signals.
Headphone socket Enables the use of personal headphones.
Can be used as a PC monitor This screen will receive RGB PC in signals
Picture-in-Text Continue viewing TV in an inset box whilst accessing teletext information.
100 Channels Can be set to receive different programmes.
Sleep Timer Can be set to switch off automatically.
16:9 widescreen format Widescreen format for viewing films in the format originally intended by the director.
7 days Electronic Programme Guide On-screen programme guide.
HD Ready HD Ready TV sets have a minimum horizontal resolution of 720 lines which means that they are capable of displaying high definition TV signals (like those from your Sky HD Box or Pl aystation3).
Plasma Television type .
3 HDMI connection(s) HDMI is a digita lconnection which carries sound and picture signals from peripheral devices (like a DVD Recorder or Hom e Cinema) to your TV. If you want to watch high definition p rogrammes (i.e. from a Blu-ray Player, Playstation3 or Sky H D Box) oyu will need to use the HDMI connection.
1080p HD Ready 1080p refers to the number of horizontal lines which can be displayed by the TV screen. In order to view high definition images from your Blu-ray Palyer or Playstation3 at their ve ry best you will require a TV capable of displaying 1080p im ages.
100Hz processor 100Hz technology reduces blurring on fast moving scenes by d isplaying 100 images per second compared to stadard TV sets which only display 50. New frames are created by the process or and inserted between each original frame to create smooth er motion and improved picture quality.
Nicam stereo Sound System Type of sound available on TV, appropriate home cinema system might be required.

im not registered on the laskys site so dont know how much delivery is

689.99 seems a good price , when somebody can find out the delivery charge i will amend the price


its free delivery :thumbsup:

but they want £175 for 3years cover or £250 for 5 years so not sure how hot this is :?

deal is good and bad tbh. TV is best one you can have for under 800, many people want 5yr guarantee though... All in all voted hot, hence its the best price at the moment. I'm buying this telly, but will probably go for the TotalDigital offer-719 with 5yrs-and will simply pick it up nxt week :):)

Cracking deal, voted hot
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