Panasonic TX-P37C2 37" HD Ready Plasma TV £349.97 @ Tesco

Panasonic TX-P37C2 37" HD Ready Plasma TV £349.97 @ Tesco

Found 22nd Oct 2010
Saw this tv and thought it was a good deal for the price:

Panasonic TX-P37C2 37" HD Ready Plasma TV with built in Freeview


Cue the pixels snobs..."cold not 1080p blah blah blah....

A cracking TV for the money and very little content still is native 1080p unless you watch nothing but Bluray
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This is a far better deal than any of the other LCDs at this price. Panasonic plasma still lead the way in picture quality. The benefit of not being 1080p is that it will be much better for Standard Definition pictures.

Hot deal!!!

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Ye unless you are watching blu-rays all the time then I think this is better for watching most stuff, especially tv. And Panasonic is a great make for tvs.

Same price at Richer Sounds with probably a cheaper deal on a 5 year warranty if that's what you're after. 10% or £35 if memory serves me right.
Echo the point made above re: the 1080 snobs. Only Blu-Ray will give you that flavour of true HD (unless you've got some kind of 1080 media player job).
720 is what you get broadcast and even then it will be reasonably compressed, so a 720 plasma will be a lot more forgiving.

No Richer Sounds near me - I get a bit fed up with Richer deals being posted all the time.

Huxley, then check out the richer sounds website...

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