Panasonic TX-P42ST31B Plasma 42" 1080p 3D- £499 @ comet

Panasonic TX-P42ST31B Plasma 42" 1080p 3D- £499 @ comet

Found 4th Nov 2011
Hi, only my second post ever so please be kind.

I have seen the Currys deal for the Panasonic 42" plasma with two sets of 3d glasses. Then I saw this deal in Comet - yes, it has no glasses - but it is the next model up meaning its physically thinner, had an extra hdmi, has a different plasma panel for deeper blacks.

Is it worth the loss of the glasses? I'm not sure. One to debate I think.
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Depends if you want to use 3D or not. If you do you need to budget £80 per pair for Panasonic glasses or £30 per pair for ebay cheapies..
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nice find
I'd get this right now if it had 5 year warranty. As it is, £164.99 extra o_O
Click here for Review. Verdict 'Recommended'.

Worth buying for it's 2D performance. It has a better Panel than it's 2D equivalent... the TXP42S30. Hot.
Seriously this is a stone cold bargain, no LED gets near this on price or performance and it has 3D to boot. The U30 may come with glasses but this is the better set and generic glasses can be had from ebay for quite cheap. Hot hot hot.
great deal!
I got this today with two pairs of glasses!
Can't believe this still hasn't gone hot, maybe should have had 1080p 3D in the title. Saw one in the flesh and it's a lot more attractive that reviews give it credit for as well as being pretty damn thin too. On my list for sure.

Can't believe this still hasn't gone hot

The "cheapest is good-enough" voters of HUKD reckon about £300 is the price of a 40" to 42" TV.

Try posting a deal on something like this, & see how cold it gets!

I got this today with two pairs of glasses!

How did you manage that?
I got this yesterday with 2 pairs of glasses at Comet too. It's posted as another deal here

When i went in comet the deal wasn't shown on the display but i asked and they said it was still valid !
The chap serving me had a feeling that it was going to finish soon. So if you are thinking, dont, just do!
bought this today and its perfect! great price!
can anyone whos bought this tv tell me if it can play avi / divx and other format films through the usb port? im finding it hard to find that info out? thanks in advance
looking today and 2 free pairs of glasses, speaking to a chap who has a panasonic reckons will record onto and play back thru usb as long as hdd is buffalo
Hi just looking for a tv is this one still 500 instore then with 2 pairs of glasses the link on the original post says its 550 with no glasses, im looking to either get this or Panasonic Viera TX-P42UT30B-42 thanks.
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This is best founded Panasonic plasma deal price related to quality.ST serie models are better than voted over 500 degrees hot UT or different. I cant get the people.
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