Panasonic TXL32X5B Black - 32Inch HD Ready LED TV with Integrated Freeview HD, 2 HDMI Ports and 1 USB Connection @ Electrical123 - £193.99

Panasonic TXL32X5B Black - 32Inch HD Ready LED TV with Integrated Freeview HD, 2 HDMI Ports and 1 USB Connection @ Electrical123 - £193.99

Found 11th Feb 2014
Additional Info
Panasonic X5 Series features LED backlit panel, integrated Freeview HD, USB Media Player and Class A Energy Efficiency.
With Media Player you can simply insert USB memory stick into the slot to enjoy previously saved photos, video clips and music on VIERA's large screen. You can also add frames and other effects to your photos and videos, and create slide shows complete with background music. A wide variety of formats are supported, so you can listen to PC-based music files and web movies right on your TV.

In Game Mode, quicker image response increases the enjoyment of video games when a game console is connected to the TV. What's more, VIERA produces the dark images in video games more clearly. This mode works with the anti-image retention (wobbling) function, too.

Equipped with a PC input terminal, VIERA can connect with a personal computer and serve as a large-screen monitor for surfing the Internet.


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Good Spot.....Oldish TV...that has now been update for 2013...but this one is still good for Kitchen/bedroom
and at.....£319.69 on Amazon.....bargain
tempted but waiting for a bigger screen
Looks a good price . Thanks op , but bit too chunky to put on my wall
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From the Which report on this tv:

Picture quality

Well, SD picture quality is a little underwhelming. Here the resolution isn't a problem, but colour accuracy is a serious issue, with our testers describing the set's colours as appalling, then going on to note some smeary movement too.

Luckily, things improve in HD. There's not a mass of detail, and fast movement still results in a little smearing. However, colours look better, albeit with the odd green tinge, and there's only the slightest bit of noise in the image. If you're going to mostly watch HD material then you won't have many complaints.
Disappointing sound

We weren't really taken with the Panasonic's sound. The low-end sounds restricted, the mid-range lacks clarity and the high-end is tizzy and grainy. There's no real stereo focus, so sounds from the left don't sound far away from sounds on the right, and the overall tone is forced, shouty and a bit tiring to listen to for any length of time. There's plenty of noise, but not much warmth or detail.
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