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Just got a Costco coupon booklet through the door today with all their latest offers, and saw one for this Panasonic television. As far as I can see (though to be fair, I've only done a google shopping search), the next cheapest is £572.99 at Remember, Costco televisions all come with a 5 year warranty so this is a huge saving!

If you weren't sent a coupon booklet, I have been informed that there should be some at the front of the store so just pick one of them up to get the £30 voucher (price is £499.99 otherwise).


Panasonic's Viera TXL37S20B 37" Full HD LCD TV delivers a premium viewing experience, with Vreal Pro 4 Picture Technology on a High Definition 1080p resolution screen. This stylish LCD television is perfect for family watching, since its deep viewing angle means there won't be a bad seat in the house, while two 10 watt integrated speakers pump out V-Audio Surround with Dolby Digital Plus.

The Panasonic Viera TX-L37S20B also offers a full suite of connectivity options, with three HDMI slots that let you attach an array of HD devices from Blu-ray players to game consoles to digital camcorders, and a D-sub PC input that will let you surf the Internet in wide-screen!

All those multimedia options don't mean that the Panasonic Viera TXL37S20B skimps on offering a great selection of HD TV-watching options. With an integrated Freeview HD tuner, you'll never want for something to watch from a vast array of free terrestrial and satellite channels!

Specs in 1st post...

Hope this helps someone!


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my sister has the freesat version of this the picture is amazing best ive ever seen !!

Good price, I was looking at this model recently and it was somewhere around the £600 mark at most places.
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am I correct in thinking this is 100hz

Costco usually have a pile of the coupon booklets by the front door so no need to scan!

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am I correct in thinking this is 100hz

yes, it is.


Costco usually have a pile of the coupon booklets by the front door so no … Costco usually have a pile of the coupon booklets by the front door so no need to scan!

Noted, will edit post

Does this price include VAT?

48 in store at Thurrock. Offer available 02.08.10 to 29.08.10. Buyer collects!

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Does this price include VAT?


I see this model has "Mini D-sub 15 pin" connection for a PC. I've Googled this and would I be right in thinking that effectively this enables the TV to be used as a PC monitor.

If that's so, would one be able to use it as such via a laptop (i.e. with a desk top, I assume one would just plug the existing VGA cable into the TV socket whereas a laptop would be automatically connected to a monitor by reason of the having its own built-in monitor!....) Also, would it be feasible to access this VGA TV connection wirelessly? Thanks.

Looks like a good deal.

Review HERE, HERE and HERE
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this looks like a good deal,why the lack of heat i am looking at getting this would i be making a mistake,thanks.

I bought one, not had chance to set up the freeview HD or the PS3 but I will get back to you when I do.

thanks matabrown i appreciate that.

Whoa. Plugged in and set it up. It found all the freeview channels + 3 freeview HD channels (ITV HD, BBC HD and Channel 4 HD). The quality on these channels is phenominal, it's a shame that the F1 has just stopped for the summer break otherwise I would be drooling. The PS3 gives a lovely smooth look better than my samsung, but I think that's partially down to the 100hz feature. The user inferface on the TV is really simple and easy to navigate around allowing you to set your screen up independently for each source such as HDMI and TV for example. The finish on the TV is nice on the eyes and feels strong and fit for purpose. I am really pleased with my purchase and I'm looking forward to watching the football in HD tomorrow! Hope this helps.

hey thanks for taking the time out to let me know it all sounds good i would be using the freeview channels so i am glad they look good,i am looking foward to watching f1 on it more than anything could you tell me what the SD picture quality is like as i am upgrading from an old but very good 36 inch sony CRT.i will be running a ps3 through it as well so thats a couple of boxes ticked its just that some LCD tvs i have seen running sky(not HD) dont look to great,if it is good i shall be making a visit to costco tomorrow.thanks again for taking the time out.
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