Panasonic TXP46GT30B £1099 @ RGB Direct instore
Panasonic TXP46GT30B £1099 @ RGB Direct instore

Panasonic TXP46GT30B £1099 @ RGB Direct instore

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Best price I've found after scouting around for a bit. I even got John Lewis to price match for the 5 year warranty. This is an in store price (not confirmed personally, but by John Lewis during the undersale process),


blurb from the website:

FULL HD 3D Plasma TV with Superb Picture Quality for 2D and 3D, and Advanced Networking Capabilities:
- Frame Sequential Technology / Minimal Afterglow / New Light Emitting Process / New Crosstalk Reduction Technology / 3D 24p Smooth Film / 2D-3D Conversion / 3D Image Viewer:
- When you view the screen through active-shutter glasses that open and close each lens in sync with the alternating images, you see breathtaking FULL HD 3D pictures with stunning power and realism.
- Reformulating the phosphor materials has minimised afterglow and increased luminous efficiency. This reduces crosstalk noise and displays clear, detailed 3D images.
- Unique Panasonic technology converts 2D images into high-quality 3D images in real-time. The technology generates a detailed depth effect for each type of image, so the 3D effect is natural and realistic.
- By accurately detecting the information for each of the right-eye and left-eye 3D images, Panasonic have been able to minimise double images, which pose the main noise problem in 3D.
- After shooting with your 3D-compatible camera or camcorder, simply insert the SD card into the slot on a 3D-compatible VIERA TV. The viewing is incredible, with images so realistic it feels as though youre right back in the moment.
- Infinite Black Pro / 600Hz Sub-Field Drive Intelligent Frame Creation Pro / THX® 3D Certified Display / ISFccc / Wide Colour Viewing Angle / CONEQ:
- In new VIERA models, contrast in brightly lit locations has been significantly improved. In movies, the true, deep blacks faithfully convey the intent of the filmmakers, adding power and realism to the viewing experience.
- The 600Hz Sub-field Drive in VIERA plasma TVs teams up with Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology to deliver smooth, fluid, on-screen motion.
- VIERA has cleared the high standards set by THX Certified Display Programme. It reproduces both 2D and 3D images with cinema-like quality. Enjoy beautiful images that are optimal for movies.
- CONEQ, an acoustic power equalising technology, produces sounds that are extremely faithful to the source. An optimal acoustic field is reproduced in front of the TV.
- VIERA Connect / VIERA Image Viewer / DLNA / Wi-Fi Ready / USB HDD Recording / VIERA Link & Tools / Game Mode / ARC:
- The exciting world of Cloud-based Internet Service, centreing on TV, is about to begin for the enjoyment of the entire family. Now you can enjoy intuitive remote control while relaxing on the living room sofa, with a wide variety of content at your fingertips.
- Equipped with an SD card slot, VIERA makes it easy to view full-HD photos and motion images that you shot yourself. You can make your slide shows even more impressive by adding background music and attractive frames.
- Connect a DLNA-compatible VIERA and DLNA-compatible AV equipment to your home network, and you can watch movies, listen to music, and view photos from any room in the house. VIERAs Wi-Fi capability gives you even more layout flexibility.
- USB HDD Recording lets you easily record onto an external USB HDD. Rewind Live TV lets you to rewind a live TV programme to catch the scenes you want to see, so you wont miss the important moments.
- Equipped with a USB terminal, VIERA makes it easy to connect a PC and view your stored photos and videos on the big full-HD screen. Likewise, you can listen to stored music through VIERAs outstanding sound system.
- The VIERA Tools user interface makes it easy to access and understand key functions. Simply press a function button, and an explanation appears on the screen.
- Games are much more fun when theres no lag in operation. VIERA automatically chooses settings that provide the optimal image, so you get super-fast response and no delays.
- VIERA Link interlinks the operation of a variety of AV devices, so you can operate them all using only the VIERA remote control.
- Using a single HDMI cable, VIERA can output the audio portion of a TV broadcast to your home cinema system, so you can enjoy full-fledged surround sound. You no longer need two cables to connect VIERA to a home cinema system.
- Mercury & Lead Free PDP / 100,000hrs Long Panel Life / ECO Navigation:
- All VIERA plasma display panels are free of both lead and mercury. These plasma panels last for up to 100,000 hours before the brightness decreases by half. Thats more than 30 years of viewing 8 hours a day.
- Connections: - 3 X USB / 4 X HDMI / Composite Video Input / Audio Input / Component Video Input / Scart / Digital Audio Output (optical) / CI / Viera Image Viewer / Headphone / Analogue Audio Out / LAN Port
- Dimensions (with stand): - 1091(w) X 705(h) X 335(d)mm / 26.5kg



Much better deals around for half this price

Original Poster

"all tvs are equal, but some are more equal than others."

In all fairness, having seen the range of brands attempting 3D the Panasonic Plasmas still rule the roost. Ordinarily I wouldn't be for Plasmas at all but full credit to Panasonic. The 3D effect is outstanding on their sets.

Having checked out the latest LED/LCD offerings, there is still nothing that comes near the picture quality of the Panasonic Plasmas. I am still happy with my Pioneer Plasma, but will definitely be looking at the top of the range Panasonics next time around.

This is very cheap for such quality and you just cannot compare these with TVs half this price.


Much better deals around for half this price

show me another 46" 3D tv with DLNA, freesat etc for HALF this price.


Much better deals around for half this price

No disrespect, but are you mentally ill?

Added a little warmth.

These TVs aare expensive but usual shop price is closer to £1200

Original Poster

lol, i should have known better.

either way, mine comes on thursday and i absolutely cannot wait. hopefully someone out there who wants a decent screen with little compromise out there can benefit from this post.

I just got the 42" version of this at the weekend and its brilliant. Bit annoyed as just after I ordered it some retailers started bundling 2 pairs of 3d glasses for free and Amazon are not one of them
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