Panasonic TXP46Z1B TX-P46Z1B Wireless 46" Full HD TV £999.95 @ Panasonic store

Panasonic TXP46Z1B TX-P46Z1B Wireless 46" Full HD TV £999.95 @ Panasonic store

Found 2nd Jul 2010
Just walked past store in Clifton so many only be local but they had this beast in the window (will upload picture in a few minutes) was like £4k when released but down to £999.95 whilst stocks last, if only I hadnt just bought a G20 from costco!

Anyway for a wireless slimline TV its a crazy deal,


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yea instore definatley £999.95 inc guarantee

If you got the G20 from Costco, why not take it back?
As you probably know they give you a refund, no questions asked.

I have just called them and ordered mine, its an amazing deal my mate paid £2500 for his 46z1 only 4 months ago.

thanks panasonic store.:thumbsup:

Anyone got any quality review linkage?

Usually rely on AV Forums but can't find anything on there?

Z1's suffer from the "MLL" black rise that plagued all 2009 panasonic plasmas, expect the blacks to go grey after about 1000 hours.

Omg Look At The Bottom Of The Tv It Looks Like Its Melted To Form A Puddle That Is The Stand Thats Cool

Stinks of Spam in here.

FOUND BY: jpavely 2 months, 1 day ago!!!!!!!!
"I just picked up a brand new FULL HD 3D TV!!
Went to my local panasonic store in Bristol to ask about it and they had it on demo and did me a deal as long as I go along to a open evening later in the month,
Fantastic price better than the web at £2150 with comet.
It looks great and I even got a 5 year warranty!"

Just waiting for Taz69 to offer his support for this deal. jpavely, not Jamie by any chance.

jpavely are you going to upload the promised pictures?

That's a big wireless TV, I bet it eats batteries.
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