Panasonic TYS50PZ800W 50" stand for P50x10 and probably P50c10 £69 Delivered usually £199 + P&P
Panasonic TYS50PZ800W  50" stand for P50x10 and probably P50c10 £69 Delivered usually £199 + P&P

Panasonic TYS50PZ800W 50" stand for P50x10 and probably P50c10 £69 Delivered usually £199 + P&P

Buy forBuy forBuy for£69
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
£49 + £20 delivery.
Perfect for anyone who managed to get a 50" panny with the very deal before xmas.

Panasonic TV stand for P50x10 plasma, I have been told it will also fit the P50C10.
I have a P50X10 sat on one right now and can 100% confirm it fits this model if you assemble the stand with the 2 metal screen mounts that come with the TV instead of the ones that come with the stand (the ones with the TV are an inch longer with correctly spaced screw holes.

Discontinued model but looks lovely, the silver one will probably also fit the TV, available for the same money.

Savastore price £529

24/7 electrical price: £537.76

Electrical discount UK price: £499.99

If you got a £400 very deal then adding this would give you a TV set up for £479 that someone would have paid £1500 for in a panasonic dealer not so long ago!


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I cant get the picture to link, if anyone else can find a jpeg link to the picture I'll add it to the OP.

This is a great offer if you have this model or one the fits the stand.
Heat added -

A quick search on google shopping shows £199.00 - good spot!



Now at £49 and in stock!
I have this telly but wall mounted


Now at £49 and in stock!I have this telly but wall mounted

Same here:thumbsup:

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£69 includes delivery of £20.

will this be compatible with the G10 model??

Are you certain about this, Bill?

I contacted Panasonic about this exact model stand, asking them whether it would fit my p50x10. They told me that it does not.

Link to copy email.

It's possible that the person from Panasonic's accessory sales department got it wrong, of course, but I would have thought it unlikely.

Edit - just re-read your post, and you have it fitted, so looks like Panasonic got it wrong!

I pondered this for many a week, then went for it.
I have also purchased this to go with a different Panasonic model, the TX-P50U10B as i thought it was worth the punt to potentially write off £69 to get a £200-£500 stand.
Order went through no problem, took a long time to update the status, after a week i phoned and they told me it would be delivered in two days time between 3pm and 6pm. Delivery was accepted at 14.55!
Construction was straight forward, and, as original poster said, the brackets were a different size. What the original poster failed to mention was how f**king difficult is was to get the screws out :-)
3 out no major problem molegrips/phillips screwdriver combo after failing to loosen by normal hand strength, then an hour of swearing, WD40, hairdrier to heat the metal, Dremmel to drill out the now ruined screwhead, i finally won the battle with the 4th!
No problem for the mounting and the whole stand rolls very smoothley over the laminate requiring no effort.
Looks good, has a small gap (1cm at most) between top endge of stand and bottom edge of TV which I would assume the correct model would have fitted snug, but really not noticable in my opinion.

Could anyone who has this confirm the dimensions of the shelves please, particularly the depth?

I've got a media centre which is W43/D43/H18cm and I'm concerned it won't fit.

Looks a bargain for anyone without such a beast of a media centre though!

Go nicely with the 50" Panny on offer atm. Still available.

I have one of these boxed and in my garage, purchased in error as I was after (and now have) a TY-S50PZ80W. If anyone isnt able to get one of these then PM me and I'll stick it on the For Sale / trade section.

pfft one of those annoying retailers that dont let you right click on page
looks pretty ugly imo from that picture - would have checked others but too lazy to do other than right click to copy
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