Panasonic Viera TX-L32D28BP 32" 1080P 100 Hz Full HD Purple LED TV with Freeview HD and Freesat HD £427.99

Panasonic Viera TX-L32D28BP 32" 1080P 100 Hz Full HD Purple LED TV with Freeview HD and Freesat HD £427.99

Found 17th Feb 2011
Purple telly for the bedroom/kitchen?
£750 in Curry's/Dixons/PC World
£650 in John Lewis

Full-HD IPS LED LCD with Freeview HD & Freesat HD built-in, Stylish Design, Intelligent Frame Creation Pro and 2mil:1 Contrast

The 37" & 32" D28 Series includes a DVB-S tuner for Freesat HD and a DVB-T2 tuner for Freeview HD providing you with a convenient, subscription free way of watching HD contents like sport, as well as your favourite soaps, dramas and documentaries in full HD glory wherever you are in the UK*.

The IPS panel, which is known for its wide viewing angle and excellent light transmittance, is now further enhanced with a bright, energy-saving LED backlight. Images do not fade when viewed from an angle, and contrast is higher than in previous IPS models in spite of using less power. The IPS LED LCD TV offers superb colour rendering and also contributes to the display's slim design.

Even fast-moving scenes are displayed sharply and clearly. With a 50Hz video signal input, Intelligent Frame Creation Pro makes 100 frames/second from 50 frames/second. This increases the frame count to allow natural frame-to-frame transitions, for smooth motion images with high resolution. VIERA also uses motion focus technology to greatly enhance resolution.

Both high contrast and energy-saving efficiency have been achieved in the IPS LED LCD TV by combining the IPS panel, which is known for its wide viewing angle, with a bright, energy-efficient LED backlight. Even dark scenes like night skies are naturally rendered with delicate shades of black. The Intelligent Scene Controller further boosts the image quality.

The wide 178°* viewing angle ensures clear images even when viewed from an angle. The backlight's wide transmission aperture enhances the contrast between light and dark, and improves motion-image response. *Measured at an angle where the contrast ratio is 10:1 or higher.

Enjoy Internet content right on your TV. With VIERA CAST you can enjoy online videos, photos, and more. You can also check sports, news, weather and stock information with an easy-to-use Web interface that's built into the TV. What's more, VIERA CAST's assorted online content has new additions, including the remarkably popular Skype and Twitter applications. VIERA CAST not only offers unique web entertainment but also expands your forms of communication.
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best 32 inch available best picture and best make at a great price !!!!!
So - 4 hours in and a load of unexplained cold voting? I've been keeping a look out for a good spec TV with Freesat HD built in, so apart from the fact that it is (bizarrely) apparantly purple this sounds great.

What are the issues with this set that are causing cold voting?
Now £427.99
Ordered this just now! What a cracking deal! Can't beleve why this is cold when other mediocre Tvs have been hotter!
Now £599.99 so expired.
Got the tv yesterday, superb quality, had it connected upto PS3 and game quality and blu rays on it is top notch!

Bargain price and delivery was accurate, got tracking id and everything.
Btw Doon, why was this so cold, dont people see a deal?!
Think people just see the headline price and 32" and vote cold cos they can get an Alba one for less at Argos ebay outlet.
Glad you got yourself a top spec telly for a good price, the philistines wouldn't appreciate it anyway...
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