Panasonic VS6 (Refurb) - 12 months free line rental + £20 QuidCo profit on o2 at OneStopPhoneShop!!
Panasonic VS6 (Refurb) - 12 months free line rental + £20 QuidCo profit on o2 at OneStopPhoneShop!!

Panasonic VS6 (Refurb) - 12 months free line rental + £20 QuidCo profit on o2 at OneStopPhoneShop!!

OneStopPhoneShop have the refurbished Panasonic VS6 with 12 months free on a 12 month contract (after cashback). So, for £0 (after cashback), you get the refurbished Panasonic VS6 (for FREE!!), 12 months free line rental (after which you can cancel), 125 x-net minutes per month and 100 text messages every month on o2!!

2.0 mega-pixel camera, 16 million colours and an ultra-bright screen all in a super-slim clamshell from Panasonic. In an ultra thin design, the VS6 boasts a high-definition 2.2 inch QVGA screen with approximately 16 million colours and outstanding brightness of 300 candela m2. The VS6 comes with Bluetooth and will be available in a stylish black colour. The VS6 also features the best seller Sonic the Hedgehog™ game from ©SEGA preinstalled onto the handset, however it is possible to download even more games, MP3 ringtones and wallpapers via GPRS. The VS6 also features messaging illumination, a fun and interactive way to receive messages, by allowing you to judge the emotion of a message before it is even opened.

This offer works by cashback which you claim from OneStopPhoneShop at specified intervals. If you wish you can purchase via QuidCo.com who will give you £20 in extra cashback, meaning that you'll make a PROFIT of £20 on the whole thing!! Remember to cancel itemised billing if you don't want it as o2 charge 99p per month for this service. You should make a chargeable call during your 12th month or you won't get the last bill you'll need for your claim. Remember to cancel the insurance if you don't want it as it's quite expensive. As usual, send claims recorded/special delivery as soon as you get the bill and you'll be fine. OneStopPhoneShop are owned by the CarPhone Warehouse and our users have found their cashback reliable.


for anyone whos unsure this is a cracking phone!


Thanks for this ducky

I just bought this mobile from CPW on Vodafone PAYG, which came unlocked so I can use it on my 12 month free line rental o2 contract. It's a great mobile, very fast, big clear screen, decent camera and very easy to use. There's 2 things I don't like about it though. First, when you hold down the delete button when writing text it deletes all text at once rather than word at a time. If you've just wrote an entire message and you delete it by accident it can be very annoying! Second, once you've wrote a word with predictive text then moved on to next word you can't go back and change the word it's guessed, you have to delete it and retype it instead. Not to bad but it's these little things which make me get new a mobile more than any other reason. Having said that, it's a great mobile and the button which flips it open is so cool!

thanks, I don't think we're gonna get a better price than free (or +£20 :))

Yeah but if you're like me and don't like to have more than 1 contract at a time (just in case it all goes wrong) then its better to get a more valuable handset, sell that on eBay and buy this one for £70 (£60 with an old mobile for trade in). I sold the Nokia 6111 I got free for £125.
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