Pandemic Board Game - £19.50 delievered @ Amazon

Pandemic Board Game - £19.50 delievered @ Amazon

Found 18th Dec 2009
Have been watching this go down in price over the last few days, and has now gone under £20, which is a great deal compared with other sites.

Absolutely brilliant board game. Check it out on for more info.


Great game. Better with the expansion pack, but that's another £22 on Amazon.

Erm how many awards has this won? Hot.

* 2009 BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Family Game Winner
* 2009 Gouden Ludo, Winner.
* 2009 Nederlandse Spellen Prijs, Nominated.
* 2009 Boardgames Australia Awards Winner, Best International Game.
* 2009 Origins Awards, Board Game of the Year, Winner.
* 2009 Spiel des Jahres Nominated.
* 2009 Golden Ace Nominated.
* 2009 Prêmio JoTa, Best Cooperative Game, Winner
* 2008 Games 100 Best Family Game.
* 2008 Meeples Choice Award, Game of the Year, Winner
* 2008 Recommendation.
* 2008 International Gamers Award Multi-Player Nominee.
* 2008 Tric Trac d'Argent (Silver).
* 2008 BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Family Game Finalist

Great find, just been reading reviews about this. Family will enjoy

Great price for a fantastic game. I wish more people would play 'real' boardgames and not just Monopoly !
The price is even more stunning based on the fact that these games have seen a major price hike in the last year due to exchange rates.
Go buy it NOW !…mic

love boardgame geek. Just wish I had like non-anti boardgame friends
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