Pandemic Iberia £25.30 Sold by Gadgetsville through eBay (Also £25.51 by Shop4World through Amazon)

Pandemic Iberia £25.30 Sold by Gadgetsville through eBay (Also £25.51 by Shop4World through Amazon)

Found 12th Jun
Limited edition version of Pandemic set in 1848 on the Iberian Peninsula. Recently this has dropped in price considerably to its current levels, but as I understand it it was limited to one print run, so once these copies all sell expect it to be more of a rarity and cost potentially higher than RRP prices.

Pandemic is a very respected modern co-operative board game about fighting the spread of disease and this version modifies the base game to work in a historical setting introducing a few new elements to the formula. In my opinion you are better going with this version of the game than the base one (at this price) as it is effectively the base game + expansion and therefore gives a lot more replayability. You can also buy for a similar price through the Amazon marketplace is you prefer here:…ria

Write up from the store page:

Welcome to the iberian peninsula! set in 1848, Pandemic Iberia asks you to take on the roles of Nurse, railwayman, rural Doctor, sailor, and more to find the cures to malaria, typhus, the yellow Fever, and cholera. From Barcelona to lisboa, you will need to travel by carriage, by boat, or by train to help the iberian populace. While doing so, distributing purified water and developing Railways will help you slow the spread of diseases in this new version of Pandemic. Discover a unique part of the world during a historically significant time period: the construction of the first railroad in the iberian peninsula during the spring of nations.

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