Pandora charms upto 40% off Brand Alley

Pandora charms upto 40% off Brand Alley

Found 30th Nov 2011
Up to 40% off a selection of Pandora.

As I write sale isn't live but should start at any time soon this morning.

I know Pandora is very popular at Christmas.
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Doubt they're genuine judging by the many negative reviews about products from the website.
Brand Alley are very genuine. Not necessarily the cheapest but genuine nonetheless
Well that's your opinion, but if you search for reviews, loads and loads of people disagree. I'd rather not take the risk.
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I buy from Brand Alley at least three times a month and have done so for a couple of years.

I have never had a problem with anything I have bought. I have two teenagers who are clothes mad and have saved a lot of money using brand alley.

Twice they have not sent everything in one go but they have kept me informed when the restvof my order will arrive and it has done so within the next week.
Sorry but you're talking garbage

Brand Alley are massive - do you honestly think they would bother selling fakes?

I suppose the £500 Gucci bags are fake too?
I've bought things from them, received them fast and they have been genuine. I know they have bad reviews but not from me.
i rate them also, ive had lots of things from them at a fraction of the cost on the high street. I have had damaged items once that broke in transit and they refunded straight away. Thumbs up from me
Bit lame you got to join the site before you can browse , also i bet all a season or 2 out of date clothing on that site, ok if you dont want to look like last years reject.

They make out like its some sort of exclusive site members only so people think they are getting bargains when infact almost all out of season clothes they get at a great reduced cost and then what you buy is all the junk nobody in the fashion know how wants anymore.
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Looks like just a selection of bracelets pre-loaded with some charms. Pity as I just wanted the individual charms.
So did I just wanted the angel charm from Pandora, they were all bracelets, rings and necklaces
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