Pandora sale @ Achica. (Charms, Rings, Necklaces)

Pandora sale @ Achica. (Charms, Rings, Necklaces)

Found 12th Nov 2014
See someones previous post from about 2 months ago, if you have questions about if its real Pandora or about there reliability.

I've added the link in the comments section

Use code WELCOME2014 for £10 off £20 spend when you first sign up.
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Thanks OP.
This is excellent, I can vouch that they are reliable. Delivery took a while (prob 30 days) due to the fact they order from Pandora direct. Pay by PayPal and you are covered in all ways etc.
Got a Pandora charm and bracelet for £14.99 delivered! Thank you.
Brilliant, another small gift for her indoors :-)
Brill. Thank you!
Not used this site before so can someone confirm they are they genuine Pandora?
Thanks - that's another Christmas present sorted!
im not sure these items are genuine to be honest
Achica are a fairly well known brand - I don't think it would be worth their while to stock fakes. They'll just be last seasons discontinued stock.
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Thanks, another Christmas present ticked off, don't think they are fakes just discontinued stock
Many thanks OP. Granddaughter loves Pandora
Thanks ordered a couple of charms for £14.99 using the new customer code !
Be careful to order the correct size on bracelets. Most popular size is 19 cm for charm bracelets (I read this on Pandora's site). They don't have anything that site unfortunately for me which supports the view that they are genuine discontinued stock.
Hi does anyone know how these are packaged? Do they come in Pandora packaging, Achica packaging, plain etc?
100% genuine, Iv ordered from them before, can take about a month for delivery and if I remember rightly it did come in the packaging
Cheers Op - shame i didn't see this post earlier in the day - but managed to get 2 charms for the missus
Thanks Op, ordered some discontinued watch straps and bezels for her watch, fantastic savings.
If you're not a new customer code MCHRM5 will get you £5 off a £20 spend....
I just tried to vote hot and it got colder. Guess other people voting at the same time.
It got to 825 last time, guess its not as good this time
Got some good bargains last time round, but some items I bought then have gone up by £5. Quite a lot of items showing as 'Out of Stock' which is a load of @#%& considering they order from Pandora a few weeks after their 'sale' ends, then you wait a few weeks after that for delivery. Took about 5-6 weeks between ordering and delivery last time - you might get lucky and get delivery before Christmas but I wouldn't guarantee it.
Dont be depending on receiving goods paid for from Achica, they have let me down twice and their customer service is crap.
I've never used them before so I couldn't vouch for them that's why I put the link to the previous post so people can see what happened the last time and how long it took for them to arrive. It seem it takes about 4-6 weeks, so fingers crossed, may get lucky. Seem to be genuine though.
Honest not great service, I ordered 2 items from them about 2 months ago, received only 1 item last week with no mention of the 2nd part! Didn't even email me back and i checked my account and they refunded the money for the second item! No contact number, SERIOUS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
All genuine , as someone else said take's a while for delivery but worth the wait, comes boxed in pandora
Thanks given it a go and ordered 2 of bracelets using the welcome2014 code so £14 with delivery.
Thanks! Got the watch I wanted.
I find Achica are awful sometimes and good others. I have had good experiences with them but I know a lot of people who have not. As this is for me, I risked it.
If i have to register just to see a price then i am not interested. Cold.
Ordered twice from them, genuine Pandora items with correct packaging. Delivery a little slow, but worth the wait.
Thanks OP .
If you just want to see the prices and don't want to give them your email address incase nothing is of interest to you, just put a false email so you can see the prices and if you then see something of interest sign up using your real one and then opt out after.
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Just got a bracelet and charm for £29.99 delivered. Saved £65! Thank you
Thank you so much OP. Just bought the Pandora Gold Necklace with black spinel which I was planning on buying anyway and saved over £300!

EDIT: Sorry you've actually saved me nearly £400! Thanks again for posting
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Does anyone know where to get replica charms ... at a realistic price?
I don't really want to be spending £500 to "fill" up an empty charm bracelet ... or am I missing the point ?

Does anyone know where to get replica charms ... at a realistic price?I … Does anyone know where to get replica charms ... at a realistic price?I don't really want to be spending £500 to "fill" up an empty charm bracelet ... or am I missing the point ?

try amazon, they have loads! Really cheap
Ordered & saved £30 thanks OP:) heat given

try amazon, they have loads! Really cheap

Thanks, found one for £7.99 with ten charms already on it . Will break it down - 80p a charm ! thanks
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