Pandorum Blu Ray £6.99 @ HMV
Pandorum Blu Ray £6.99 @ HMV

Pandorum Blu Ray £6.99 @ HMV

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as title good price for a new release, anyone know ifts a decent film?



it is a pretty good film but not one I'd want to watch more than once

I thought it was quite good; as above I probably wouldn't watch it more than once but I'm tempted to add it to my collection at this price.

its a cliche of alot of other horror/alien survival movies.average but good price for new blu.

sorry I thought this dragged on too long with not enough going on to keep you interested... just me though (& my family thought the same too)

Its a good film, I kept it but like others, you wouldnt really watch again, its 1 watch once film.

Strangely, somethings in this film reminded me of Red Dwarf!? lol

Good film overall though :thumbsup:

its alright actually, was suprised how bad it wasnt. Worth the price as a good quality blu ray too

I liked it, it's worth the money especially as it's BluRay.

I really liked the end of this movie, and it actually wasn't bad, but probably wouldn't watch it more than once.

Began well but sharted around the halfway mark and spent the last half hour waddling to the dunny.

It would have made a great episode of The Outer Limits if it were still running.

Had a great start but sort of degenerated closer to the end. Still good price if you haven't seen it before.

I watched it about a fortnight ago ... and had to do a google search to remind me what it was about. Not so brilliant, but an ok price.

It's utter *****.

not as good as playing dead space or actually watching someone else play deadspace but a decent scifi horror.

I loved this film for the plot holes alone.

If you build a ship that has a feature that lets one crazy kill everybody on board by jetisoning thenm into space. the next ship you build should have the same feature.

When trying to get from one end of a space ship to another filled with flesh eating mutants, don't find the nearest airlock and travel along the outside of the ship.

There is no such thing as decompression in the future.

If your arm tattoo is your means of identification, CHECK the awakening crew member's "ID" to make sure they are who they say they are!

Metal capsules filled with water will fly 30 feet into the air after floating to the surface.

Shooting crowd control weapons upwards may seem like a cool idea, but it will literally bring down the roof. In a space ship, this means you just sent hundreds of kilos of metal plating hurling towards the people you want to save. There are better ways to save them. Such as using the non-lethal crowd control weapon on them.

When an eccentric man is kind enough to offer you his hard to come by motor oil cooked food you should trust him even though he talks to you from way above your heads and refuses to come within spitting range.

Hibernation-pods are airthight but not waterproof.

Knowing that 100 years of hyper-sleep will invariably cause you to lose your memory... it is not common practice to write yourself a REMINDER NOTE before entering your pod. Not even a post-it.

Jump-suit nametags and forearm tattoos (not social media) are the future of self-identity.

This space vessel is supposed to be prepared to withstand the perild of outer space, including getting bashed in by the occasional asteroid. The designer of said vessel thought plate glass windows would work lovely. Whoops, a small crack and they won't even withstand being underwater.
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