Pandorum BluRay £6.99 at Amazon
Pandorum BluRay £6.99 at Amazon

Pandorum BluRay £6.99 at Amazon

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Pandorum BluRay £6.99 at Amazon - already posted at HMV - but now Amazon have price matched - incase anyone prefers them.

ANTIBODIES and CASE 39 director Christian Alvart takes suspense into space with this tale of two astronauts who realize that they aren't alone as they drift into the darkest corners of our galaxy. Awakening in their hyper-sleep chamber with no memory of who they are or what their mission is, disoriented astronauts Lt. Payton (Dennis Quaid - INNERSPACE) and Corporal Bower (Ben Foster - HOSTAGE) gradually surmise that they are the only ones aboard the darkened spacecraft. But how did they get here, and what are those strange sounds coming from the other side of the ship? The only way out of their hyper-sleep chamber is a cramped air shaft, and the only one small enough to climb through it is Corporal Bower. As he shimmies inside to investigate, Lt. Payton mans the radio transmitter. But the deeper Corporal Bower ventures into the ship, the more apparent it becomes that something horrible has happened. There were 60,000 passengers onboard when the astronauts went to sleep, and now there's not a soul in sight. Before long, the two weakened and weary space travellers are fighting for their lives against a force neither can comprehend. Could it be that the survival of the entire human race rests in the hands of these two astronauts stuck on a lonely ship in deep space?


Good price for a bluray shame its a pretty awful film.

The good makes up for the bad in this movie.

Support your sci/fi horror or we'll all be watching limp vampire movies for the next 5 years!


The good makes up for the bad in this movie.

Where was the good then?

Crap film.

Great set designs on a budget and crazy Quaid not enough for you?

Cex will give £7 cash or £9 exchange so another free rental:-D

I didn't think it was that bad. I didn't dislike it any more than Avatar, which looked fanatstic, but was too long and stupid to be great.

Editing was iffy but not such a bad film.
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