Pans Labyrinth HD-DVD £7.91 or **2 for £10** at DVD.co.uk + Other HD DVD's cheap in thread
Pans Labyrinth HD-DVD £7.91 or **2 for £10** at DVD.co.uk + Other HD DVD's cheap in thread

Pans Labyrinth HD-DVD £7.91 or **2 for £10** at DVD.co.uk + Other HD DVD's cheap in thread

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This has been out of stock everywhere for quite a long time, it's a bargain at 2 for £10.00.
Wolf Creek is also in stock in the two for £10, which is also not as common as a lot of titles available in the UK.

Accompanied by her parents Ofelia moves from a large Spanish city to a more rural area in the North of the country. Faced with the upheaval of moving home an abusive stepfather and the general unpleasantness surrounding Francos victory in 1944 Ofelia enters an imaginary world of creatures and demons in a bid to escape. From Guillermo del Torro the visionary director of THE DEVILS BACKBONE and CRONOS comes this frightening yet fantastical film.

Technical Details

Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen
Sound: Dolby Digital
Running Time: 120 minutes
Production Year: 2006
Main Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


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Also Alexander revisited (US import) is selling on Amazon for £2.47 plus 1.21 postage =£3.68.


I ordered it from Piece of mind books, it took a couple of weeks, but came through absolutely fine.

Also Phantom of the Opera is

£1.98 + £1.21 = £ 3.19 this is the cheapest import price - much better than eBay


I'd pay that for this film. Now to find the Host for under £5!!!

Hot BTW.

I pressed hot and it went down????

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Monkey nuts 2;4615867

I pressed hot and it went down????

That just means at least 2 people had voted cold since the time you loaded the page and voted the deal hot. It happens to me all the time.

Ordered Alexander, Phantom and Blazing Saddles! Cheers!

HD DVD Rocks

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Link for Blazing Saddles, Well Spotted!
£4.11 delivered

Thanks for the heads up, been looking for this!

£7.91 for Pans ? : /

I bought this for about £3 at Blockbusters in huntingdon about 6 months ago!

Even tho I have a HD-DVD player and collect them cheap, £8 for one hasn't been a good deal in a while....it's an obsolete format.

Those Amazon prices are all gone now.

Also, Pans is now 10.91 at DVD.co.uk and removed from 2 for 10.

Deal dead.

I would've had it for 2 for £10 but I don't want to pay over a tenner for it.

If only I didn't have a meeting when this went hot!

I think it was mistakenly in their 2 for £10 deal... I was lucky enough to buy this yesterday with Full Metal Jacket too, at the deal price, awesome!

Not to mention Total Recall too which was £10 on it's own... Worth it for some ultra rare do it now yeaowgh yeaowgh action.

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Hmm, voted cold. Any HD-DVD over £3 gets a cold from me.

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Sure over £3 must be a waste of money. Well done you
Why are people still voting this is expired


Voting cold on a rare, sought-after HD-DVD, significantly cheaper than an equivalent blu-ray and ultimately a great deal for anybody with an HD-DVD player is pretty ignorant, well done for voting cold for that reason :thumbsup:

yeah i mean ive never paid more than £3.99 for an hd-dvd but for a rare one i would. pans labyrinth and blazing saddles id have paid a fiver each for.

Back in stock!
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