Pansonic FZ7BB - Black Version now in stock @ £158.62 - BARGAIN
Pansonic FZ7BB - Black Version now in stock @ £158.62 - BARGAIN

Pansonic FZ7BB - Black Version now in stock @ £158.62 - BARGAIN

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First time post so fingers crossed I got this right.

Ebuyer previously had a black version which seemed to have been delivered to most people as silver but they now show 200 of the black ones in stock at a slightly lower price than before.

A great camera at an amazing price.

Details: Panasonic is introducing the incoming LUMIX model 6.0-megapixel DMCFZ7 Series with MEGA O.I.S., Optical Image Stabilizer that compensates the hand-shake, incorporating a 12x optical zoom (equivalent to 36mm to 432mm on a 35mm film camera) LEICA DC lens. Differing from the FZ30 with manual focus ring and manual zoom ring, which was already released and highly evaluated by prosumers, the FZ7 is more compact and easy to carry while preserving the same powerful zoom capability and manual controllability.

It is the heir to the 5.0-megapixel DMCFZ5, but enhanced its excellence not only with the total number of pixels but also with other innovative technical improvements such as incorporation of joystick which allows easy manual control on focusing in addition to the manual exposure setting. The 1.8-Inch LCD monitor for FZ5 has become large as 2.5-Inch for FZ7 gaining much brightness even in the low-lit situations thanks to the pixel-mixed readout method performed at the CCD.


Thanks for your first deal post mcbarney. I've added a pic and a bit of a description

Very similar to other thread but, as you say, it is definately BLACK this time and a little cheaper, so voted HOT. I got the silver one and the 12x optical zoom with stabalisation is very good...

Can someone who has already bought one of these post the overal dimensions of this camera when the lens is retracted. I want to compare its size with my Canon Powershot S1 IS.

The dimensions on the Panasonic eBuyer site are
112.5 × 72.2 × 79.0 mm
(Not including protruding parts)

So I want to understand if these really are the OVERALL external dimensions.

Little video guide:

]Click Here for Video

In terms of picture quality the DMC FZ7 fell just short of my high … In terms of picture quality the DMC FZ7 fell just short of my high expectations. I have gone back and compared the images to the DMC FZ5 and to be honest I prefer those taken using the earlier model.There were two tests in particular that I was not happy with. These were the third outdoor test and the test for colours. The third outdoor shot is to test the camera with its zoom lens fully extended. I was disappointed with the level of sharpness in the shot. I compared the shot alongside the same type of shot taken with the DSC FZ5 and also the new Sony DSC H2. In both cases the other cameras managed to produce a much sharper image.As with other super zoom digital cameras purple fringing rears its head. This is where a purple line is added to the edge of white and bright objects. This is most noticeable when the optical zoom fully extended.With the test for colours I was left disappointed by fairly weak blues. To be honest it is rare for this test to throw up any dramatic differences between different digital cameras, but this one was some way behind other cameras I have tested recently. Looking at the skies in my outdoors shots I can see a less vivid feel in this area than I would like.To be honest I am at a bit of a loss to explain the difference between this camera and its predecessor. I had expected very similar results and I cannot come up with an obvious explanation for the differences.In many other areas the camera performs very well indeed. Therefore the overall impression is a bit of a mixed bag.

is it me or is the guy on the vide guide somewhat lacking in dynamicism / charisma. nearly fell asleep within the 90 seconds or so...

still tempted with the camera though.

anyone who owns one have any opinions or abiding words of wisdom?

cheers OP!

I wouldn't pay too much heed to this particular review as many other reviews I have read have not seen any of the problems that are mentioned...

Take what they say with a pinch of salt...:roll:

Excellent with this camera are the following....

1. Leica lens.
2. Outside shots.
3. Obviously 12x optical zoom

Less good...

1. Indoor shots.
2. Anything over ISO200
3. The screen display is only 114,000 pixles.

New model coming corrects many of these issues...FZ8 but at £158 it is indeed a bargain.

Sorry...I forgot to say that...
Battery life is good too.

Otley have you tried spotlighting any indoor shots?
Unless an SLR my experience is that the lens is too small to allow enough light in so require to spot light it with ikea desk lamps.

The flash is strong so there is no problem with indoor shots using flash. I am not too keen on flash though. You can't really use any small pocket cameras at low light levels and Panasonic is particularly bad in this area. If you want to take at low light buy a Fuiji.

But don't get me wrong....this is a GREAT camera. I've owned it a year and don't regret buying it a second. For the price, it is a bargain ...buy it.
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