Pantene Volume & Body Shampoo 200ml 50p @ Tesco

Pantene Volume & Body Shampoo 200ml 50p @ Tesco

Found 23rd Nov 2010Made hot 26th Nov 2010
I went in to Tesco in East Didsbury last night and they had this hiding on the bottom shelf of shampoos. It was either 200ml or 250ml - either way it was much cheaper to buy two of these than one of the big ones. Not sure if it's online as well.
Hope this helps someone!


Not this size anymore online, so likely to be discontinued stock.

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Aah, I might have to go back and buy a couple more at that price then!

Not in my local store. Not nationwide I guess.

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Saw this before:…062

Same deal - assuming a different store as we don't have a counter in ours!

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Yeah, I saw that - didn't find it as the spelling of Pantene was wrong x_x

managed to find some at my local, very cheap.

Have some heat!!

Incredible deal, got 2, thanks

Very cheap for Cockney shampoo.....

im was gonna to to tesco but now i will surely go lol and if i find this i would buy a couple of them

was in tesco tonight and none in ours - local deal
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