Panther Combo Wifi 23-in-1 Card Reader with USB Hub for £19.99 @ MyMemory

Panther Combo Wifi 23-in-1 Card Reader with USB Hub for £19.99 @ MyMemory

Found 3rd Nov 2013
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Panther Combo Wifi 23-in-1 Card Reader is brand new multifunctional wireless device, a great blend of file sharing, file server, portable router and external battery.

Through plugging in SD card or connecting with Usb Flash Drive Panther Combo is able to wireless sharing those stored files with up to Eight smart devices at same time, likewise Panther Combo can transfer files between SD card and Usb Flash Drive.

There is a 1500mAh built-in battery in Panther Combo, which can be used as an external battery when your phone, tablet, handheld console are running out of battery.

The Panther card reader and USB hub will let eight smartphones or tablet computers use wi-fi access to photos, videos, music, etc.
Suitable for any smart devices, including iPad, iPhone, tablets, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung galaxy Note II, and many more.

The card reader has a built-in lithium ion battery, and it is charged through an external USB charger. (Not supplied)

Key Features:

- Simultaneously read/write cards : CF , MS or M2, TF , SD , USB Flash Drive
- Ability to share your data with more people
- WIFI cover area up to 15 - 20M
- Built-in Battery 1500mah
Box Contents:

- 23 in 1 WIFI card reader
- Instructions
- USB charging cable

Please watch the video -
It explains how to connect to a Samsung phone.
Video moves onto a Iphone 5.
Then it shows how to connect it easily to a Laptop/PC.
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Free's up space, and access SD files from External USB or drives to playback on ipads and iphones...... a itunes bypas?
Watch the video on the link as it shows you what this does
So if I had a card in this and Wi-Fi turned on on my Android tablet I could transfer data between the two without been on a network?
Same price on Amazon so I am going for that one,Heat added for the heads up though.
Great little unit - has solved a few problems I had syncing my desktop, laptop and tablet.


I use a top-quality USB powered hub linked to it, so that the power requirements of several cards/pen-drives and a small usb HDD don't impact on the Combo. To date, when I log into the Combo from any device, it sometimes accesses all the attached storage or just some of it. Seems to depend how it feels. May just be the way I'm using it of course. Have to say it performed well enough with just a pendrive plugged into the Combo unit itself, so I may try just operating with the Combo and the biggest pen-drive I can afford - my syncing need aren't huge - just email files and a bit of other stuff.

All in all though - a device well worth trying. You can't buy a decent bottle of single malt for this price.
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Ive been trying for three or four days to connect this to my laptop and two PCs but cant get any of them to find it. Very frustrating. The print in the user guide is way too small so that doesnt help even with my reading glasses AND a magnifying glass.
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