Paper Shredder at  wiliknsonsplus+ only 7.99

Paper Shredder at wiliknsonsplus+ only 7.99

Found 15th May 2008
dont forget quidco: £5 for consoles, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, cookers and washer dryers and 4.5% for other sales!!!

just use pick up item option form nearest store to get free delivery option

Each A4 sheet shreds into 6 mm strips/35 narrow strips. Ideal for home & office use. Compact and slim design is ideal for under desk use. Auto on/off/reverse slider controls. Wide entry for envelopes and A4 sheets. Quiet operation. 1
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Sorry but these can be picked up at this price almost anywhere now - Argos, Tesco Asda.
I don't think this is a special price......I wouldn't spend more than a tenner on one anyway.

Thanks for trying!
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