Par 3 mini golf course age 2+ £19.99 + £4.99 delivery @ Step 2

Par 3 mini golf course age 2+ £19.99 + £4.99 delivery @ Step 2

Found 8th Apr 2010
Was £44.99

Par 3 Mini Golf Course
Miniature golf for the miniature golfer, this colourful three-hole course provides an easy and exciting golf experience, and comes with two putters (in case you get a hole in one)

Snap-together course can be easily rearranged to create a variety of fairway setups
Track walls guide the oversized ball straight to the green
Each green includes a unique slanted action for easy putting
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
21-piece set includes: 3 Straight Course Ways, 3 Curved Course Ways, 3 Unique Greens, 3 Flags, 3 Obstacles (Clown, Spinner, & Windmill), 2 Putters, 2 Golf Balls, 1 Starting Plate, and 1 Tunnel
Ages: 2+


Nice find, but £4.99 delivery to add to the title.




Ordered. Hope daughter likes it.

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Yes, I've ordered for my daughter.

Thought for that price what the heck lol
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