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Paragon Backup and Restore 16 (New Version) usually £34.99, FREE full licence, for a limited time (not trial software)
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
Paragon Backup and Restore 16 (New Version) usually £34.99, FREE full licence, for a limited time (not trial software)
Paragon Backup and Restore 16 Full Version has just been released. Paragon is giving this away for free for 7 days starting 23/11/16. This is the full version of the software, not… Read more
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Understood :D


Seems not, did ask. It's a deal. A Pretty good one too, its a good bit of software.


Should be in freebies


The free version will install under Bootcamp/Windows, from there it can access your mac HFS+ partition from 'underneath'. It does recognise NTFS(Win),FAT,EXT3/EXT4 (Linux),HFS+(mac). MBR/GPT Partition Layouts.


Is this actually available for Macs? Seems to be PC only...

Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 full licence for free
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 full licence for free
Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 is a very comprehensive backup tool with a vast array of professional backup and disk management features. The program can back up a hard drive's … Read more

I found that it was a win 10 update which bricked my tablet, it was not this software. It seems a few linx owners now have bricked tablets all down to Microsoft.


i have read that quide last night, it looks like its to much hassle around, got some rpi2 at home as a media network players, they need something to connect chip to them, good luck with flashing/selling mate


DereC, Windows updates don't normally touch firmware, it may or may not be linked to the software I installed, i'll probably never know. I do know what I'm doing, I could flash the bios using a pi (which I already own), but would need some other bits, but likely will teardown the linx and sell the parts on ebay (except the motherboard). I was actually thinking of getting a new tablet, just means ill do it sooner rather than later.


so if i understand that properly, software didnt do anything because it was not able to find external dvd (next time u can try make an iso), and for me once u closed the paragon backup it makes another action hour later, but for me it sounds like bad/unfinished upgrade for some reason. Sry, dont know what could happend to tablet, havent got linx at home, but would recommend do not open it, and try to find a proper quide how to flash, rpi is not a special programmer, it just small factor pc mostly running linux.


I installed the software, tried to create recovery DVD via otg cable and external DVD writer, software did not pick up the DVD drive. Closed software, about an hour later it prompted to do a reboot to update, on shutdown it seemed to update/flash bios. Tablet completely dead, looks like it can only be recovered by reflashing bios which entails opening tablet and flashing using a raspberry pi or another sort of programmer. I can't prove cause as I can't access the tablet to view logs.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 Compact
Found 13th Jan 2015Found 13th Jan 2015
Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 Compact
Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 Compact is a simple and powerful backup and recovery solution to secure stand-alone Windows desktops and laptops. It allows users to quickly back u… Read more
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Thanks for this. CDs, DVDs and BD discs seem to be made bootable. Though I haven't tried it yet, just going by what it says in the settings. Though there is that 200 page manual at the bottom of the main post, maybe that will help.


There is an option build a boot disk or USB disk, i'll check the exact location when i get home


Has anyone checked this out thoroughly? I installed it, backed up my boot disc, and then wondered how I would restore it... As far as I can see, if you need to restore your boot disc (i.e. Windows is not available), then you need a bootable version of Paragon (on CD, USB) to do the job. This would normally be created by running the Paragon Recovery Media Builder add-on - but I can't see this anywhere! Anyone have any ideas? The product is not much use to me if I have no way of restoring a boot disc...


I really hope that you will never need to use this software, but if you do, you will be prepared... ;) Enjoy!


Cheers OP, I'm sure this will come in useful sometime in the future. HUKD

Paragon VMDK Mounter for Mac® OS X
Found 2nd Oct 2014Found 2nd Oct 2014
Paragon VMDK Mounter for Mac® OS X
Overview Need to access data on your virtual disk or dreaming about fast and easy data exchange between the host and guest OS on a Mac? We've got you covered! Introducing new Para… Read more
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It sounds like this allows the host to access the virtual disk containing the image of the guest, useful for when the guest isn't running. Could help out in many situations, e.g. where the guest can't boot - might be able to tweak something from the host to solve that kind of problem.


Why not just use shared folders to share disk between guest and host?

free backup and recovery software
Found 9th Jun 2014Found 9th Jun 2014
free backup and recovery software
stumbled across this software for backing up windows 8.1. looks the biz, I'm currently running an online backup now to see how its gets on. Was struggling to find something that co… Read more

Winodws 8.1 is the best OS there is. It is better than win 7 (not by much though)


This is one of the best free backup software on the market


Looks good for free but I dont see any mention of compression options for the back ups even in the enrished paid version


Windows 8 is the OS from hell ......... if it went tits up on me I wouldn't want the damned thing back. Absolutely horrible!

PARAGON Backup & Recovery 2013 for FREE!
Found 24th May 2013Found 24th May 2013
PARAGON Backup & Recovery 2013 for FREE!
Instructions ---------------- 1. Visit this URL and fill in your details; 2. Download Paragon Backup & Recovery 20… Read more

Sorry didn't see that.


It's always FREE!

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Paragon Partition Manager 12 Home Special Edition (English) FREE!
Found 24th Apr 2013Found 24th Apr 2013
Paragon Partition Manager 12 Home Special Edition (English) FREE!
Normally worth around £26 or shall I say $39.95! You can grab it for FREE. Offer expires until this weekend!
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Can't see the download from the link that you posted


Anyone have a link to the FB link as I can't find where to download it...


Non FB download of Free Partition Manager 12 Home: CNet link click here


Sorry i dont know what you mean by "pm" your login details. I thought it meant personel message but to who?

Paragon Backup and Recovery NEW 2013 Edition   FREE
Found 17th Mar 2013Found 17th Mar 2013
Paragon Backup and Recovery NEW 2013 Edition FREE
Get the lateest version of Paragon for free. This is the New 2013 version Total PC protection





thanx x


Good software, not failed on me yet when doing system images.


Thank you for this (_;)

Paragon NTFS for Mac V10 for Seagate/Samsung Owners - FREE
Found 22nd Nov 2012Found 22nd Nov 2012
Paragon NTFS for Mac V10 for Seagate/Samsung Owners - FREE
This is a genuine licence for owners of Seagate/Samsung Hard Disks. Happy Thanksgiving. We are greeting all Seagate drive owners and offering latest version of Paragon NTFS for … Read more

Anyone having faults/problems with Samsung/Seagate drives check out this thread Seagate seems to be getting picky about exchanging faulty Samsung HDD's under the inherited 3 Year Warranties, that they now have to fulfill, when they took them over.


It works regardless of the HDD brand. It's only the licensing you'd be in breach of, nothing technically to stop it working.


What would I need his for? Have an imac with seagate internal hdd, also have seagate external hdd.


Awesome, thank you very much! I have an 830 turning up in the post this week, and so I was wondering if it was worth installing at all


I should work with Samsung HDDs (Mechanical Samsung HDDs are now mostly rebadged Seagate Momentus drives), but Samsung SSD are still part of Samsung so I doubt it. I do have a macbook with a Samsung 830 in it, I'll give it a go and let you know. Haven't time today to check though.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012
Found 8th Oct 2012Found 8th Oct 2012
Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012
Download free at Register at

Doesn't seem to do incremental backups, only differentials.


*Reminder to download later*


Great software, thanks :)


good for me, heat added


Download free at Register at

Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Android with Free Lifetime Upgrade @ Paragon Software Group
Found 29th Sep 2012Found 29th Sep 2012
Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Android with Free Lifetime Upgrade @ Paragon Software Group
Have you got a flash drive or external drive you would like to use on an Android tablet or phone, if yes have you ever found that it does not mount because it's not formated as FAT… Read more

I am baffled! What would be the use of this program? *Okay maybe more for tablet users?*

Free Paragon System Backup 10 For Windows - 3 User Worth £60 @ Facebook
Found 21st Apr 2011Found 21st Apr 2011
Free Paragon System Backup 10 For Windows - 3 User Worth £60 @ Facebook
Click on the link and then click on like. and from there get the free software If you don't make regular backups, you're asking for trouble. "I'd like some some trouble, please."… Read more
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Nothing happens, no form filling , no confirmation email, no download links ... sweet FA


u r welcome



Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal FREE download today 5th April
Found 5th Apr 2010Found 5th Apr 2010
Paragon Partition Manager 9.5 Personal FREE download today 5th April
Windows 7 32 and 64 bit versions + Vista/XP You must register to get free serial. Important: you will receive a special offer: 30% discount for the new Partition Manager 11 when … Read more

No you have registered in the wrong place! :? (You have actually just subscribed to the mail list) Run the installer and on the Registration screen is a "Get Free Serial" button, click that, fill in the form and in about 1 minute you get an email with the key :) Site says in about 15 minutes but mine arrived after about a minute. Good luck.


thanks for the post scooter


What does it do and do i need it, it is free so i MUST need it right:?::thinking:


thanks i will wait a while then.:)


I registered about 5 minutes ago, not my serial yet but I've downloaded free software from Paragon before and know that it won't come straight away. So I'm confident that it will come.

Free Paragon Drive Backup & Recovery 10
Found 13th Jan 2010Found 13th Jan 2010
Free Paragon Drive Backup & Recovery 10 How to Obtain Your Serial Code Simply follow the instructions within the installer and click Get Free Serial, which will op… Read more

Link not working now Page Not Found. Go back to ]TechRadar Software Store


the link in the original post still seems to work, so not expired. ]link


Don't know if it makes a difference, but the direct link that comes up to register the Compact edition (downloaded from the original post) is here: When I entered the link from Musicrab, it said it was for the Free edition. I think that this matches the Downloaded software in the post from Musicrab, and I'd expect that this will still be available after 19th Jan so is god to know about for anyone who misses this offer


Really like the GFI one recommended here by Blotch. Thanks


Isn't this free normally? 32 bit & 64 bit free from paragon's website ]here

Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Free Edition for Home Users £0.00
Found 19th Nov 2009Found 19th Nov 2009
Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Free Edition for Home Users £0.00
Put this in the freebies section, but must admit I never look there so added it here if that is ok? Take complete control of your PCs safety. Based on solid commercial backup and … Read more

Be careful as Paragon software tends to overwrite your boot sector, without making it obvious, and can frequently mess up and give you an unbootable PC until you use a recovery disc. A google will show you problems people have.


good for people on WinXP and, if you are unlucky, Vista. If you have Win 7 though, then don't use anything like this as Win7 uses it's own recovery partition and its system restore functionality actually works. heat added though as it free software that works


When you download the program - I chose run and not save and you get a screen asking you to fill in your email address. I received an email with the product and serial keys almost instantly.


Right, finally got it installed! Here's how I did it. First register with Paragon on their site (this is involved a bit of a search but I found it eventually by searching for register) Second follow the links to download and save the file on your computer Third email paragon support and ask for the serial code for this product Fourth Wait 24v hours and they send you a code Fifth INstall, putting in serial code they sent. It only seemed to install with all other programs shut down THE END.


Ok, I think I ambeing really dense here. I have tried to install this and keep failing at the serial code registration. I have registered at paragaon and cnet but still have no code. I am trying to install 32 bit on Vista Basic. Anyone got any ideas as to why I am failing to install this? Thomas

FREE: Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional
Found 10th Aug 2009Found 10th Aug 2009
FREE: Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Professional
Yes FREE, zilch ! Register and they email you login details to login to the website to download the program and the program serial DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE TRIAL VERSION Drive Back… Read more
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Simple registration. Heat added!


No idea. Softwares works and has helped me ou in the past so voted hot


Seems good, why the cold votes?


Paragon is very easy to use.