Parallels Workstation (Windows or Linux) 2.2 FREE whilst offer lasts
Parallels Workstation (Windows or Linux) 2.2 FREE whilst offer lasts

Parallels Workstation (Windows or Linux) 2.2 FREE whilst offer lasts

Parallels offers a free full (not trial) activation key for its Parallels Workstation 2.2.2222 after filling out this short form link also given below. It supports 32-bit versions of Windows and Linux and typically costs $50/£37. The code will be sent via email.

Just need a valid email address. Everything else is up to you.

If the HUKD screws up the link then get your key from this link:


Download the proggie from here:



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Mods, can you move this to freebies? Thanks.

No mac version?

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Not for free, it seems.

many Thanks, I'll give it a try.

what so the different versions mean?
Windows EXE (19 Mb) DEB package (21 Mb)
RPM package (21 Mb) TGZ archive (21 Mb)

what would be best for win xp home.

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Windows EXE for Windows only. Pick this one.

As for the rest, they are Linux.

DEB for Debian based Linux systems - such as Ubuntu or Xandros
RPM for Linux systems that support it, such as Fedora
TGZ for any Linux system that does not require package management.

I know I am going to regret asking this, but why is this any better than
]microsoft free virtual pc?
all I can tell from peoples comments is that virtual pc is faster and the features list seems identical.

what am I missing?

VirtualBox is a better freebie IMO:


And if you have a spare supported PC about, VMWare ESXi is a MUCH better freebie(just a shame its a bare metal hypervisor for those without the correct hardware):


Thanks for that. will try it out.

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Dunno about that, VirtualBox is still very rough around the edges and does not have anything like the same level of support for accelerated graphics, etc as Parallels. One to keep an eye on unless or until Sun crashes and burns.

VMWare ESXi is great for what it is, but it is a different product from this and over the top for most users, IMHO.

The value in this is that this is a commercial product which is currently being given away free for god knows what reason. Whether you need or like it is down to you, of course.

Oh just to clarify - absolutely agree, ESXi is a different level of product - but will do the same job wayyy better, if you have the hardware available. But yes, clearly OTT for most users.

At the end of the day, a freebie is a freebie so choice is good but at least there is no rush with VBox for example, as it is not free as an offer only.

Link no longer working, so not sure if it has ended or if just they changed the link?

Edit: showing as a 15 day trial key only, maybe someone else check it and if so expire or alter the OP.

i will try, thanks
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