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UPS parcel up to 10kg drop off £6.49 inc VAT @ Parcel2Go
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Price drop exclusive. Protection up to £20. UPS access point > delivered address.

The more you visit this site the more the prices increase. Some sort of cookie


UPS have been great, when i used to sent costly items.


Absolute thieving scumbags the lot of them! I have found UPS to be the one or recently for cheaper things the inpost lockers fulfilled by UKMail


Had same Had exactly same, wrapped in bubble wrap + used clear film they they send me surcharge that package hasn’t been wrapped!


UK Mail and quality customer support in the same sentence? UK Mail are the most useless people ever, almost impossible to get through to them on the phone with their ridiculous automated system - they are a joke! (mad)

Myhermes tracked delivery via Parcel2Go
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Just £2.39 for a small parcel tracked delivery if pay through Parcel2Go. No cover though but haven’t had any problems so far, sent around 20 parcels. Free txt confirmation when del… Read more

Just used Parcel2go for the first time for some kitchen draws. The courier was Parcelforce. Delivery arrived in the morning 16:50pm I got an email claiming overage charge. Spoke to online chat, as they dont have a number and they just directed me to the dispute form. I called Parcelforce and CS agent said there was no issue from what they could see. The claimed measurements and weight are all my significantly rounded up measurements bar one which is increased. Makes me dubious, particularly the fact the email was received so late in the day as I presume a fair % of people would have opened the parcel by this time and disposed of the packaging. Fortunately I had only opened the top to ensure everything was intact, so have sent in images.


Does the trick still work as I can't seem to get the 1.99 option to show


100000% agree!!! DPD are the best!!! Love their app and how they link up my parcels to my address and account automatically. Haven't used them for sending parcels yet though.


I agree, I've had bad experiences with both so definitely won't use either, DPD are my favourite couriers at the moment.


Not saying RM are the best... but in my experience better than myhermes

InPost 1kg Parcel @ Parcel2Go from £2.27/1kg £2.39/2kg
Found 3rd Dec 2017Found 3rd Dec 2017
Parcel2Go have reduced prices for InPost parcels in £2.27 inc VAT for 1kg. Service uses UK Mail for the final delivery direct to recipients door, just needs dropping at a locker … Read more

Same old story, took mine a week to be collected. Hope yours is sorted now. Will never use again.


Does anyone know how to contact inpost directly? Parcel has been waiting to be collected from the locker for 4 days now.


Well decided to give it a go, parcel has been in the locker for over 5 days so far. Not impressed, I think I'll stick to Hermes Look at the visitors post on inpost UK Facebook page. Stay clear!!!


Inpost direct has a max height of 8cm, whereas Parcel2Go does not.


No, but if your parcel is small you can book direct at and get £20 included compensation. Has to be under 8cm x 38cm x 64cm.

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myHermes parcel up to 1kg from £2.34
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
myHermes ParcelShop Small : - 1kg £1.95 exc VAT £2.34 inc VAT - 2kg £2.15 exc VAT £2.58 inc VAT Restrictions Maximum Weight 2 kg Maximum Length 0.45 m Maximum He… Read more
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You forgot to add theres no compensation for this offer, if you want compensaion its still the normal price :(


ParcelHero have better offers if you need to send larger packages, its £3.30 odd to send up to 15kg using my Hermes, never had problems


It's only £2.79 for up to 2kg so I don't think it's that great. I use them a lot but not for parcels to Edinburgh as I have previously had problems send there with myhermes. Everywhere else has been fine


I never really understand the hate for Hermes. I’ve used them at work for 6 years now, have put well over 20,000 parcels through them and only had a handful lost or damaged - they’ve always paid out. I was hesitant at first given the amount of abuse on the Facebook page but you have to wonder how people are packing parcels. Most of the criticism seems to be people expecting delivery by a certain time - that’s not something Hermes provide. I know you get certain drivers that are bad but most parcels get delivered in 3 days. Then there’s the packing - you don’t simply wave some bubble wrap at your parcel. You have to wrap your item(s) 2 or 3 times, double box the parcel, and then use more packaging to cushion your item from moving around or being crushed in the post. Simply putting “fragile” on the front won’t cut it! I’ve sent crockery sets through Hermes, mugs, ceramics, glassware etc which you can’t claim for but, if you pack it correctly, arrives in one piece.


This seems like the price I've been paying for ages. How is it a deal? Seems like the usual price

MyHermes Black Friday Sale from £1.95 a parcel @ Parcel2Go
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Parcel2Go have reduced the price of there small and medium parcels (up to 2kg) to £1.95 as part of a black friday special sale.

What was it to start with? I vaguely remember the prices being only a fraction more?


I am using myhermes for last three years for all mybmedoum size parcels, had problems twice and they always refunded no questions asked. Better than Royal Mail in my opinion who will never accept they are at fault. Cannot recommend them enough, cheapest in UK for the service the do.


£2.34 including VAT for me?


Only a saving on a medium regular myhermes price. If it's a small parcel, you may as well use myhermes direct, as parcel2go,up to £20 insured is £2.75 + 2% paypal usage charge.


Thanks op

Myhermes small or medium parcel under 2kg £1.91 for an ebay sale via Parcel2go
Found 3rd Sep 2017Found 3rd Sep 2017
This is purely for ebay sales. Link your ebay account to your parcel2go account. You must not use the ebay postage. Go to parcel2go and click "ebay delivery" It will upload your or… Read more
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Why not save money by throwing your item straight into the bin or nearby river? Absolutely awful delivery company


Really ? I didnt know that, I have been using the £5 top up for ages now probably had over £500 of free deliveries now


Think u need to walk away and sit somewhere dark, preferably never materialising again. Works for the thousands prob millions that use it including me.


COLD. Signed up, gave it my ebay login details, went to 'ebay delivery' page and my sold items don't even appear. Its blank and states "you haven't uploaded any items". There is no way to even do this and the whole thing looks completely bogus. I suspect this is a phishing scam to obtain ebay logins etc so to anybody else thinking about it, AVOID ITS A SCAM!!!!!!


Actual tracking of a Vileda Mop Apparently too Big for there delivery vehicle. Priceless. We have your parcel Delayed - investigatingYour expected delivery date isTomorrow Yesterday18:46Delayed - investigating Yesterday17:36With the local courier Yesterday09:52For delivery today (8:00am - 8:00pm) Yesterday06:00Sorted at regional depot Friday18:33Delayed - investigating Friday17:21With the local courier Friday09:16For delivery today (8:00am - 8:00pm) Friday06:01Sorted at regional depot Thursday14:36Centrally sorted 06/0900:16We're expecting your parcel

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Send a 2Kg Parcel from £2.39 @ Parcel2Go (Price Drop)
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Right now at Parcel2Go, you can send a small or medium parcel for even less, because we’ve just dropped our myHermes ParcelShop prices! Our new prices are: ParcelShop Price Small … Read more

We have honestly Never had a single problem, no damage or any loss to any of the dozens of parcels we sent all over the UK every week with MyHermes (we always book via Parcel2Go as it’s a bit cheaper for some reason). We never choose our Courier (we go they Parcel2Go) but the 2 day small parcel drop-off Service by MyHermes virtually always comes out the cheapest by far for our needs with their only competition from time to time being In-Post (both companies regularly offer various price deals - sometimes for a reason Black Friday etc, other times not - these £ drops don’t require you buy anything extra, giving up any info or sign up to a thing) MH are always faster than the allowed time (usually 2 days on a 2-5 day Service where we very often drop off the parcels at our local open all hours newsagent Over the weekends and during the silly hours of late night/early morning). Their booking process and tracking is really quick and easy. I have to add we experience very few problems with Royal Mail too to be fair but the loss / damage runs at maybe 3-5% a year versus nothing yet with MH. This isn’t a fair comparison, however, as we send loads more items via Royal Mail so would expect a couple more issues - not to mention the inability to track the parcel see the signature etc ourselves. We have to use RM for our slightly lighter and smaller items - while couriers may be excellent price-wise for thicker packages and/or those that weigh in from about the 750g mark and up, its at the 2kg+ weight that they become simply invaluable. Just check Royal mail’s massive price leap from a parcel weighing 2000g to the same sized parcel that weighs 2001g. That extra gram of sellotape will set you back BIG TIME - an additional £10.85 2nd class to be precise (or a far more reasonable £10.35 Extra should you plump for 1st) ). Nevertheless we’ve yet to find a Courier that can even begin to compete with Royal mails large letter prices. So lots of our books cost around £1.20 to send by RM but RM can’t touch the max £2.39 we pay for our very weighty hardbacks (even with the 2nd class £2.90 up to 2kg, the extra pence certainly adds up when you’re sending out multiple packages. In-Post sometimes do a deal that works out c.10p cheaper per parcel than MyHermes and their top weight is a massive 20kg for a parcel costing just £1.89 plus VAT! I still opt for MH over InPost at times for the simple fact they don’t whack a big surcharge ( £5+ on a really small package) on items destined for addresses in Northern Ireland and (not terribly remote) parts of mainland Scotland. Royal Mail and MyHermes do beat In-Post in that respect (though I understand more couriers add the surcharges than don’t) So yes I do Hear and take note of all the horror stories but can honestly report nothing has changed for us - MyHermes is a force to be reckoned with in our experience and with enough RM defectors it’s simple economics that they (MyHermes et al) will likely push the competitions standards up a little higher as well as keeping prices down across the board! Now all the couriers need to do (imho) is to offer very competitive rates on parcels in the 250g to 2kg weight range....I’d make it a price low enough to pull away us ppl who default to RM, aiming to get at least 30% of our weekly dispatches. So how will couriers know they’ve got the price right? I’d say when we see the price & are happy to go ahead without feeling the need to use up 10-20 valuable mins running price comparisons against it ..them’s the prices we want and our online business Need if they’re to remain viable 🐒


Terrible service, don't touch them with a barge pole. You have been warned. When things go wrong they are a disaster to deal with!


True, their tracking system info often states lies. I've had this happen many times. Worst customer service ever or lack of it. Their telephone number does not allow you to speak to anyone. Why?


I have most trouble with RMail. I expect losses no matter who i use but claiming via RM is annoying. I send a fair amount but after your first couple of claims they start adding in extra hoops. They require the recipient to fill in a form too but for ebay buyers I've yet to have one that did so that means no compensation. Hermes direct has paid out when i provided what they needed and faster than RM. Surprisingly P2Go has been the easiest at paying out. Only took days. I had several items lost with InPost back in the day when CityLink were doing it but it was still within reasonable number of losses compared to RM. That is a huge turnaround from the olden days when even contacting them was like trying to find proof of god.


I've used both Parcel2go and myHermes over the past three months for about 30 items in total. Never had a problem with either.

Send a parcel with Hermes with insurance from £2.70 @ parcel2go
Found 21st Nov 2016Found 21st Nov 2016
This seems to be the cheapest with insurance. The price is for local drop off and 2 day delivery time or £3.05 for door to door. Features Drop Off service £20.00 inclusive cove… Read more

Amazingly, I found that parcel2go refunded me for a lost parcel within days. Hermes took a bit longer. RMail can take 30 days to give you your first reply and require far more from you. RMail are lenient maybe the first time you make your claim but if it is of any value or a subsequent claim they then start ramping up the requirements in my experience. They also require the recipient to return a completed form - that is where i hit a brick wall as not a single one of my buyers would return that form so i'd get nothing back from RMail. That is RM and domestic claims though. For international they are easier to get compensation from.


do not use hermes, they might be cheap, but no customer support and they lose parcels. when you claim you need every receipt even if you have had the item for 10 years. no receipt no insurance, you ask for a signature they deliver it and leave it somewhere without one. problems after problems and i just quit being their agent due to it.


Hermes - insured parcel was lost, wait 5 week without anything


​ yeah, I'm not saying they don't do it at all in 2 days, just that technically it's a 2-5 day service. used them 20-30 times with nearly all being 2 days


For anyone making comments about these, bad things can be said about most couriers unless paying real money. Like someone said, if you were to send a parcel worth £2500, you wouldn't pay a few quid to ship it. I sent a parcel with RM a few weeks back which went missing, and I put a claim in and now have a 4 week wait before I even hear back from them!!

Send A Parcel Up To 15KG £4.99 + VAT (£5.99) By Hermes Through Parcel2Go
Found 12th Oct 2016Found 12th Oct 2016
£4.99 for up to 15kg parcel Right now you can save up to 38%* on myHermes at Parcel2Go! We love helping our customers save money, which is why we’ve just dropped our prices on my… Read more
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lost or been damaged 4 items, in two months and worst always there is only one answer from them , "I am very sorry" and "we should get an answer in two days" but none of cases has been resolved or given more info, they can't provide any details or compensation, just stay away from them, as I did.


cold. no protection, no signature and add £1 VAT


likewise - some people with no experience like to bandwagon jump


You only need to show a bank card with your name on it - no need to prove the address:


One major bug bear i have against RM is their stupid policy of missed delivery. I have items delivered to my grandparents because they are usually in to receive items, whereas i work full time (and a lot of overtime) If an item isn't delivered, it gets sent to the main sorting office in the town center - meaning i have to pay to park to go and collect it, during their narrow window opening times (which inconveniently co-incide with my working hours) When i get there - they demand ID (WHY!?! They were going to hand the parcel to someone without needing ID in the first place!! Why do they need ID now??) Requiring ID also presents a problem. Because the item was posted to my grandparents address and has their address on it (but my name), they arent usually happy with my ID due to the different address and i cant proove i live there because i dont! So i have to usually take my grandad with me to go and collect a parcel - but he doesnt have a passport, driving license or any form of ID so he brings a council tax bill and hopes for the best. Just a massive faff. So, instead i try and have the item redelivered to the same address. So far so good, except several days pass and no sign of the item. I phone RM to find out where it is, long story short - it was delivered to a completely different address!!!!! Lots more reasons why i hate them - ripped open parcels with an "apology" note taped to it, extortionate administration charges for overseas goods that were stopped at customs... the list goes on.

Send parcels of upto 1kg via Tracked/48 hour service for £2.22 @ Hermes via Parcel2Go
Found 19th Sep 2016Found 19th Sep 2016
*** UPDATE: seems they've reduced the price even further. £2.22 including VAT now Before anything, try to answer the following questions and if the answer to all of these are YES … Read more

price gone back up now


You might be saving a bit vs RM, but the PO will do you proof of postage for free for £20ish insurance. Plus typing all the info in printing label out, honestly not worth it and probably slower delivery than PO too.


Just reporting what I read in the news. "“Employers cannot opt out of their employment law obligations by defining individuals as self-employed. An individual’s employment status is established based on the reality of the working relationship.”"


Hermes couriers are self-employed. NMW doesn't apply.


Company is currently being investigated for paying their drivers under minimum wage. Everyone wants a bargain, sure , me included but this company has no ethics whatsoever. I asked our local driver if it was true and he said it is. I asked him why he continues to work there, and he said he can't find a job with any other courier locally :(

Up to 12kg parcel, Door-to-Door Next Day Delivery £7.49 @ Yodel Xpress Pack via Parcel2go
Found 27th Jan 2016Found 27th Jan 2016
Both newly introduced services are collection from door. The 48 hours one will cost £7.19 including VAT and next day delivery is £7.49. Your parcel is protected up to the value of… Read more

you have to pay extra for that


75cm that is pretty small for a parcel very restrictive the size for 12kg I think


Sorry to hear that. Well if this is not a very bulky item, then if you choose the second class delivery with no tracking info, there is a chance youll be charged only £2.80 for it. Obviously based on the accurate size and weight of your parcel you may quote the actual price from RM website.


Thank you so much for the information. It has a lot of headache I don't have any printer to print and I can't find any parcel shop near me so it's better to go to post office and send the parcel through Royal Mail it's less than 2kg it might be £5. Thank you from your great comment


You'll need to do the packaging. Collection. Or drop off depends o. The type of service you choose. If drop off selected (cheaper option) you need to take the parcel to a "parcel shop" yourself (not post office!). You also needs printer to print off the label before hand.

Up to £20 parcel protection only £0.13 @ Parcel2Go
Found 13th Jan 2016Found 13th Jan 2016
Seems very good to me considering this beats RM prices too. Booking must be done for myherms and for 13p you can now add protection for up to £20 worth to your parcels which weight… Read more

not at the moment


Freezing. You are not covered for a multitude of items - check the my Hermes T&C's you won't get anything for electronics, computers, resin, glass, etc etc. RM every time for me I've made plenty of claims and always got a refund whereas Hermes went through my listing with a fine tooth comb until they found a reason not to pay.


Oh and who actually pays for sending a parcel through p2g? There are always codes floating around - LOL.


When I sell stuffs on eBay and send via Hermes, the item always gets there within 2 days, as long as I drop off at the parcel shop before 5pm.


Cold - What a con! How can they claim an 18% discount when they are comparing their ex vat price Very bad if not downright false advertising

Send up to 3kg parcels for £3.59 inc. VAT @ Parcel2go
Found 23rd Nov 2015Found 23rd Nov 2015
*** If this is your first time using Parcel2go you can use the code P2GFREEH for a free service. At Parcel2Go, we like having the lowest prices. In fact, we like it so much that … Read more

Very true. I just lost one parcel with myhermes. It was badly damaged and their CS wont refund saying terms and conditions that this item not covered etc.


sent a parcel,booked delivery online put weight as 1kg as it was from my scale,n paid £2.60 then dropped off,everything fine, next day received an email saying delivery being held coz of overweight,p2g says actual weight is 1.1kg.. paid an extra of £4.27, WTF! if i had put 1.1kg or up to 3kg,it would've only cost me £3.70 ish.. now i end up paying £2.60+£4.27=almost £7. p2g says the underpayment includes handling fees of £2.50. makes no bloody sense! rip off


All is good until you have a problem. Their cs is crap in my numerous experiences. The couriers themselves are good on the whole except in post. But when you have a problem you have to go through parcel2go which is where the fun begins!


I'd send that Special Delivery Royal Mail- automatically insured upto £8.55. You don't necessarily want the cheapest when it comes to valuable stuff.


can anyone suggest the cheapest way to send an camera worth around £550 and is also insured please?

Exclusive Next Day Delivery For Parcels up to 20Kg £5.99 @ DPD via
Found 9th Sep 2015Found 9th Sep 2015
Looks like a fantastic price for next day delivery for up to 20kg parcels! If you are a first time customer it can be also free using code P2GFREEH More info: The DPD Pickup serv… Read more

Works in conjunction with the £5.00 off your 1st order from parcel2go.


it's hermes that set the over weight fee, nothing to do with p2go I got charged £5 something extra on a 3.2kg parcel that cost me £3.78 to send (2-3kg) when booking through the myhermes website


You've just told the world that you're a pillock. Congratulations.


What a bloody nonsense! Next time be honest and you won't go through any of these.


Victoria: Hello, you're through to Victoria. How can I help you today? hang: sent a parcel,booked delivery online put weight as 1kg as it was from my scale,n paid £2.60 then dropped off,everything fine, next day received an email saying delivery being held coz of overweight,p2g says actual weight is 1.1kg.. coz of the 0.1kg i have been ask to pay an extra of £4.27, WTF! if i had put 1.1kg or up to 3kg,it would've only cost me £3.70 ish.. now i end up paying £2.60+£4.27=almost £7. p2g says the underpayment includes handling fees of £2.50. makes no bloody sense! rip off. congrats P2G,you've lost another customer! Victoria: I am very sorry to hear this. hang: coz p2g is cheap and easy so i use it. if there was another company that is similar i'd be gone straight away without no hesitation hang: i understand if its overweight but your charge is ridiculous on that! Victoria: I understand hang: 0.1kg overweight costs £4.27 are you serious? is this how you do business? is this how you rip ur customers off? hang: to send a parcel that weighs twice as much only costs £3.70 ish... and 0,1kg overweight costs £4.27 Victoria: I can only advise that you email as that is the underpayment department hang: you're sure going to lose more customers

Parcels < 1kg reduced again to £2.34 at, via MyHermes Parcelshop
Found 1st Mar 2015Found 1st Mar 2015
This price has been on before, but it went up to around £2.58. It's back on at £1.95+VAT, so £2.34. If you purchase £100 of prepay you can get 5% extra, so around £2.22 per parce… Read more

That's interesting as I have always been worried. Some of my parcels are 1.05kg, and I have gotten away with it so far. I guess maybe there is a leeway - good to know that it is not more than 200g so I won't risk anything once it gets that heavy.


Be careful about weight on myhermes direct - I just got a bill for a parcel I sent as 0-1kg which they weighed as 1.2kg (just 200g over!) they are asking for an extra £4 (difference plus a penalty) They have also reduced their standard compensation to £25 Royal mail small parcel is £2.80 up to 2kg which includes £20 compensation (though it's a PITA to claim and then only for cost)


agreed. just got onto parcel2go and its now 2.75 with no insurance. 2.78 if you book direct with £50 insurance - its a no brainer so gonna go direct. God knows what they are playing at!


Parcel2Go increased their fees for &lt;1kilo parcels using myHermes (drop off) from £2.34 to £2.75 earlier this week. WHO do they think will use this service, which has no insurance cover, when you can for an extra 5p book direct with myHermes and get cover up to £50 for the same parcel. Similar cover using P2G would be an extra £2.50(+vat) making a grand total of £5.75 !! Similar package sent via Royal Mail ( up to 2kilo with size limitations) would cost £2.80 with up to £20 free cover in event of loss, but without any tracking. Who in their right mind would book through P2G for small parcels ?


Anyone else get a price increase today? I went to price up a parcel (drop off at Parcel Shop) and it has increased from like £2.20 to £2.80! Now exactly the same price as direct from MyHermes...

Send a parcel up to 1kg for £2.34 via MyHermes ParcelShop @ Parcel2Go
Found 6th Jan 2015Found 6th Jan 2015
Around 50% cheaper than CollectPlus... their 0-2KG economy service is £4.89. Royal Mail 2nd Class - £2.80 Up to £20.00 FREE compensation with extra compensation available to the v… Read more
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This has sadly expired now, just had confirmation from a livechat agent when it wouldnt work for me :(


Had a bad experience(parcel2go) today. sent a phone to a friend parcel received but no phone inside it :(


I have been using myHermes for a couple of years now, and not had any problems until recently. Before Christmas they smashed the top of a box which had 2 small glasses in and very well bubblwrapped etc. More recently another box was ripped open on one side to reveal a loaf of packing materal. I have pictures of both incidents and will be sending the ripped open box one to hermes . Yes I know glass is not included for compo, but I packed them very well, to no avail. For some items Royal Mail take the micky with their prices, and losing the parcels as well.


My Hermes is £2.78 upto 1kg and £3.78 upto 2kg, both with £50 compensation. Parcels2go is £2.34 with zero compensation upto 1kg and £3.78 with £20 compensation upto 2kg.


Not had a problem yet with Hermes - RM have lost 3

Parcelforce Multi 12 Noon £5.99 + £10 collection charge and vat @ Parcel2go
Found 30th Nov 2014Found 30th Nov 2014
Probably more aimed at business sellers as you need to order 3 or more boxes to the same place. Basically its £5.99 + £10 collection charge and vat. As you can see it becomes more… Read more
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Why is this expired the service is still available, and is unbeatable when sending many items.


3 x 24kg parcels parcelmonkey: Parcelforce 24 Tracked &amp; Signed For £25.00 £30.00 inc VAT parcel2go: Parcelforce Multi 12 Noon £17.97 exc VAT £21.56 inc VAT


parcelmonkey are better for parcel force quotes.


As above please link me where it is cheaper. I didn't think this site was specifically for bargains, from what I know this is a good deal. Yes its not as cheap as a 1kg My Hermes 3 day service which is about £2 + vat but for a timed 25kg service with arguably the most credible UK courier its a good deal.


Maybe but next day AM for 25kg parcels to non account customers via a reputable company? I am actually asking where because I have got 10 boxes of 25kgs to send on tuesday so if there is a cheaper service that won't lose the parcels i'll use it.

Post a Parcel from £1.91 inc VAT  @ Parcel2Go
Found 6th Oct 2014Found 6th Oct 2014
Price drop. Limited time offer. from £2.34 (myhermes) - drop off (max 15kg) from £1.91(in post) - locker (max 20kg) click more info at the link under the relevant courier. -----… Read more

I've been a major advocate of inpost until a recent episode where a delivery was supposedly attempted twice, a 'card left ' message updated on the tracking system that actually never was left, Interparcel via inpost stated that they don't always leave cards despite what the tracking says and that didn't constitue breach of terms, the recipient knew nothing of the attempted delivery, and so it was then decided to return to me as he hadn't collected after 2days after second delivery attempt. It then took 10 days to be returned to me. Interparcel have been shocking at dealing with it, simply refusing to admit any wrongdoing on the part of the courier, even though the picture they are meant to take of the property they visit was blank. It's annoying as Interparcel offer £50 cover as standard, so whilst I want to make my point, I'm being held to them for the price with cover.


They actually fixed that the other day. When you print a label now it has the tracking number on the label. That is the tracking number that will work when tracked on citylink. Also if the label won't scan you can manually enter it at the terminal when dropping it off. So it seems there is slight improvement. Outstanding issue is that they only deliver twice before requiring the recipient to collect and the depots can be quite far. If they fail the first time they automatically redeliver the next day or the day after unless you reschedule so that second attempt can be used up before the recipient realizes.


Used Inpost three times now and everything's been delivered within four working days, so certainly not the quickest out there. The tracking system as others have mentioned is somewhat horrendous - tracking numbers given on receipts don't work, and usually a completely different number is used. Delivery was confirmed in the end though through the Citylink website but Inpost's website is dreadful.


I used inpost (through parcel2go) without problem for a couple of times then they opened a set of lockers much nearer me. Trouble was, I think they forgot to tell the delivery driver cos they weren't collected for over a week. Didn't use them for a while but a recent injury means I can't walk far and these are literally just across the road from me, so sent off 7 parcels with them last week and they all arrived within 4 days of me sending them. So I'm very pleased at the service if it continues like that. I should also say that I printed the wrong address on one label (put number 1 instead of number 11 - duh). As soon as I contacted parcel2go they amended the delivery address and it got there just fine so I have no complaints at all really


Don't use parcel 2 go, use interparcel for inpost, £50 comp instead of £20 and customer service excellent. I made a claim for damage to a game case during transit, they paid the full value of the item within three days of claim.

Deliver parcel up to 20kg for £1.79 @ Parcel2Go
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
Go to and choose the inpost service. Note: You will have to deliver the parcel to a locker in your area and it will be posted to the recipients door. Size restrict… Read more
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Other than heavier their service is now pointless... £3.59 inc VAT £20 compensation :|


Probably because of all the claims they were losing too much money. And the price is back up to £2.99 now. Good for heavier stuff still that is cheap.


Looks like they've changed the compensation amount to £20.00 FREE Used to be £50.


I hope I'm not tempting fate as I've got a parcel out for delivery at the mo, but the 3 previous items I sent got there really quickly (the next day!) and problem free.


parcel2go is more efficient and tracking seems to work most times

Send parcels up to 20kg for £1.20 at Parcel2Go with InPost
Found 11th Jul 2014Found 11th Jul 2014
This is a Drop Off service. Please check for you nearest drop off locker. If you don't like waiting in for a collection or can’t stand queuing, then InPost ha… Read more

Very good I can use it any time. Free Delivery


I agree with you. Different service can be good for different users. I however have used both the services on daily basis, i have given up on using Inpost via Parcel2go. I had more complains of INR and item returned without even trying to deliver to the buyer. I will wait for more good reviews of Inpost to start, before start using them again.


I've had more lost with Royal Mail than hermes or inpost. Hermes i've actually never had one lost with and i've sent 2-300. Inpost the tracking sucks but at £1.20 i was treating it as a cheap non tracked service, about half of them would track. If they get lost you can contact them and they seem to have tracking which is not uploaded or they make it up. I did get tracking for a few by asking. One item they could not find and i claimed with parcel2go and it was resolved in days. Painless. I have another one they gave me some dodgy tracking for but the customer says was not delivered but i'm not sure who to believe. At the same time as giving me the tracking they gave me a link to dispute and claim for the item. It's as if they know it is shoddy. lol Royal Mail lost an international signed for item and it took 4 months to get compensation. I then submitted a claim for a 2nd class parcel and normally they accept ebay and paypal printouts as proof of value but this time they demanded actual receipt (it actually cost more than what i sold it for anyway). I send that in and they said it will take another 3 months as they will now check with recipient. They really don't want to pay out and it is only worth £20. I've got another 2 lost packages with royal mail so i'll see how that goes. If you claim regularly because you send high volumes of stuff i notice they get more and more stringent and really do not want to pay out. RM are not necessarily better in my experience. I think it is better to judge when you've had some lost and gone through the process of claiming with them all.


That's quite unlucky. I've always used Parcel2go, and generally opt for the couriers that I have to drop the parcel off to a store or suchlike. Last week I sent one (for the first time) via the Inpost courier via P2G, and (luckily?) it was delivered ahead of schedule. Even RM mess up as well though, but it feels like certain courier companies have a far worse reputation than others. oO


Doing business with Inpost via Parcel2go. I have send parcel to customer around 50 days back, which was never delivered nor returned to me. When i opened a claim with Parcel2go, they say they located the parcel in Virtual e-world and rejected claim. Still no signs of physical parcel being returned or refund after 50 days. Big no to to Parcel2go and Inpost, Royalmail is expensive but gives you piece of mind.