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Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray 200ml £60.95 delivered with code @ Parfum Dreams
Posted 11th NovPosted 11th Nov
1 MILLION. The scent of success. Going for gold because decadence is thrilling. Not-so-gentle man. Elegant and impertinent in equal measure, an intoxicating, powerful blend that st… Read more

Highly suspect a scam here emails for account creation, order confirmation or dispatch yet. More worringly, Paypal won't let me raise a dispute as it keeps coming up with an error saying 'please try again'.


Did anyone who purchased this deal... A) get a order confirmation email B) get a new customer email if you signed up for the first time C) has your order left the 'preparing delivery' status yet? Its been 2 days on a product that is deemed 'available for immediate delivery' and it still hasn't been posted Cheers


What I dont understand is why people take the chance for a 10 quid saving. You are always going to get the odd fake comments/reviews from the blind buyers or the neanderthals that dont understand that the better fragrances are blended in smaller batches and can differentiate.


I bought Dior suavage from here and it all checked out fine. Received and is perfect.


There Ebay shop is riddled with bad feedback and fake fragrance claims.

Victor & Rolf various Spicebomb 50-90 ml for £36.76 to £40.76 delivered from Parfumdreams
371° Expired
Posted 4th NovPosted 4th Nov
Good prices on Victor & Rolf, not often so cheap. See below a variety of their Spicebomb collection for gents. If you're not happy with the seller, you can try John Lewis price… Read more

I received mine today and side by side with a genuine spice bomb from Debenhams this one is counterfeit, it smells mildly similar but definitely not genuine or maybe heavily watered down


Received mine yesterday and it's definitely genuine spicebomb. After reading the worrisome comments on here I was surprised it even arrived. So rest easy OP, you posted a legitimate deal (y)


Good to know, hopefully others will share their experience, so will have more deals from this site. Their prices were better than anywhere else.


I know the post has expired but just wanted to let whoever know mine came this morning bought the original spicebomb. Order confirmation came through straight away so did tracking info, took about 3 days from Germany. Item I got is legit smells exactly the same as debenhams we got the other week. Will happily use them again :).



Tom Ford Private Blend Mandarino di Amalfi Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml £92.76 Delivered @ Parfum Dreams
-133° Expired
Posted 3rd NovPosted 3rd Nov
Tom Ford Private Blend Mandarino di Amalfi Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml £92.76 Delivered @ Parfum Dreams Use code ' HAPPY20 ' at the checkout for the extra 20% off. Or 1 left i… Read more

Totally agree, and with citrus summery type scents especially its always worth paying a visit to a department store and trying first to see how long it lasts as skin and scents is so unique in terms of how it lasts. Especially at this price, be gutted spending almost £100 and then finding it lasts 45 minutes.


I like it but it does not last on my skin either. I do prefer TF, but can't judge a brand because it does not stay on my skin, I know others who use JM and lasts all day.


Jo Malone doesn't last anytime whatsoever on my skin and iv tried quite a quite a few.


Where do you order the samples from?


Jo Malone is quality. Not cheap either. I also use EDT for work, usually cheap stuff, £20-30, but I will not buy 200 ml anymore, got bored with the same fragrance every day. I tend to buy 5-10 ml samples of expensive EDP and same like you, use it on occasions, 2-3 squirts and lasts forever. This is why I said buying expensive will last years. It just happen I like Tom Ford, not all, but some of them are great. I was comparing TF to the usual Versace, Boss, Gucci, etc and I said it is much better. I can't comment about Jo Malone, I've tried once and liked it, I may order a sample.

Tom Ford various Orchid fragrances, 30 ml from £37.56 to £46.36 delivered at parfumdreams
319° Expired
Posted 3rd NovPosted 3rd Nov
Tom Ford is very good quality. Expensive as well, so could be costly for Christmas presents. Here are a few 30 ml fragrances from their Orchid line, at the end of the day better to… Read more

According to UK.trustpilot, they have 5 stars based on 3,625 reviews.


I buy small sizes from them as they do very good copies, then if I like it enough I buy the original.


Same here. Even got some Dior J'Adore recently and had no issues.


Nothing 'similar' will do though XD


Thank you, that's really kind of you to reply and let me know <3 I did buy one and when I paid for the Black Orchid 100 ml I got a 20% discount on my next purchase, so bought another (lol)

20% of sitewide with code at Parfumdreams - Spicebomb 150ml after discount only £62.36
89° Expired
Posted 3rd NovPosted 3rd Nov
Example Spicebomb 150ml after discount only £62.36 with free shipping. Seems most reviews are good for the site on investigating.

Just arrived! Checked and all looks A-OK! Not sure what has happened with some other customers?


They are an authorised retailer. They're a large chain in Germany with loads of branches.


Are the quality of the fragrances authentic... Coming from abroad gives me Doubts.


I have but awhile ago when they only had the Germany website back when the Euro was 1.60 to the £. They are legit.


Used them a few months ago for some kiehls face wash. Delivery was quick and no issues with the product as far as I could tell

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Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml for £55.96 at Parfumdreams
832° Expired
Posted 3rd NovPosted 3rd Nov
£55.96 with voucher code. Free Delivery

Code not valid anymore!


Would strongly recommend using Amazon Pay if buying from this bunch of clowns - I'm currently 18 days after ordering and the item hasn't arrived. Have sent half a dozen emails and called their 'UK' call centre a few times (each time it says they are very busy at the moment, so please leave a message...), all without a single reply. And now pursuing through Amazon Pay. Buyer beware!


I had a sample of this fragrance and it’s very nice, wouldn’t pay £60 for it though.


I already posted it. But I am happy to share (y)


You put Vaseline on top of the edt?


I can understand the skeptism with duplicate frangrence as there is a lot of crap out there but there are people making exact clones with the same projection strength as the originals. Take a look at reviews for sites like perfume parlour and dua fragrances. Perfume parlour is my go to


Arrived and all good! I was skeptical cause I thought it was a scam after seeing the reviews but surprisingly it isn’t.


Ordered, shipped and being delivered today :) will keep you updated


Code not valid anymore!


If you’re a tramp and can’t afford the real deal even a dog turd will smell amazing to these types of people.

Acqua di Giò Homme 100ml
Eau de Toilette Spray by Armani 47.56 with code @ Parfumdreams
241° Expired
Posted 28th OctPosted 28th OctShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Are you still hearing that song in your head that you couldn’t stop thinking about since this morning? That’s exactly what Armani’s Acqua di Giò Pour Homme is like. He makes a last… Read more

Very true indeed. It smells good too. (y)


Only works out cheaper with the code, would have preferred ot to be below £40 but that price is still good for a 100ml.


Don't seem that cheap tho, compared to other stores.


They are I have bought from them before, also HUKD have done their checks on them.


Reviews seem to be good on trust pilot.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million edt 200ml £60.31 delivered with code @ Parfum Dreams
319° Expired
Posted 24th OctPosted 24th Oct
The scent of success. Going for gold because decadence is thrilling. An intoxicating, powerful blend that starts out fresh and moves onto a spicy leather accord. An arresting al… Read more

£60 for toilet water... ill pass thanks


Bargain, 🔥🔥


Just get it free in Debenhams. I do it all the time. Just spray it on easy as


Heat! Very good price for 200ml, decent flagrance too! Some really goof prices lately for perfumes here!


Any one shopped with this company before..they get shocking reviews ?

Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum Spray 60ml £51.81 / 100ml £70.41 / 200ml £99.41 Delivered @ Parfum Dreams
260° Expired
Posted 23rd OctPosted 23rd Oct
Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum Spray 60ml £51.81 100ml £70.41 200ml £99.41 Use code ' HAPPY15 ' for the extra 15% off at the checkout. Free Delivery @ Parfum Dreams Product Descr… Read more

should last the average Sauvage user a week or two.


Been working for days. I'd go with this site. More trustworthy


Oh wow. I tried it yesterday from my browser and it didn't work lol. Now it's working


The reviews about this site are NOT good great price just not sure :/


The parfum version really gets some abuse online due to its longivity and projection.

Giorgio Armani Parfums Si Passione Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml £37.36 / 50ml £54.36 / 100ml £72.21/ 150ml £93.46 Delivered @ Parfum Dreams
Posted 23rd OctPosted 23rd Oct
Giorgio Armani Parfums Si Passione Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml £37.36 50ml £54.36 100ml £72.21 150ml £93.46 Use code ' HAPPY15 ' for the extra 15% off at the checkout. Free Deliv… Read more

At first glance thought it was an expensive bottle of nail polish.... (shock)


This is not coming up at these prices evan with this promo code HAPPY15

Giorgio Armani Parfums Si Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml £30.56 / 50ml £40.76 / 100ml £58.61 @ Parfum Dreams
228° Expired
Posted 23rd OctPosted 23rd Oct
Giorgio Armani Parfums Si Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml £30.56 50ml £40.76 100ml £58.61 Use code ' HAPPY15 ' for the extra 15% off at the checkout. Free Delivery @ Parfum Dreams P… Read more

Seems to be getting heat but not sure if legit - after some of this for xmas for the other half.


wow - glad I avoided!


Recent reviews on Trustpilot are troubling.


Considered that if it's too good to be true, it probably is !


Was thinking exctly the same

Grand Soir Eau de Parfum Spray by Maison Francis Kurkdjian 70ml £106 at parfumdreams
-70° Expired
Posted 22nd OctPosted 22nd Oct
Hey guys are offering a 15% discount on great Niche brands They have - Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Maison Margiela - Odin Etc at really good prices An exampl… Read more

Sorry what brand?? Shud have a 90% introductory offer imho!!😳


I've not read anywhere about it being watered down I got a batch of samples not long ago from the mfk website, Grand Soir performed beast mode? Perhaps marylandcookie is closer to this so could know better?


Ahh, I have some MFK oud but not much left and wanted to get another. Is the new formulation watered down do you know?


A couple of Years ago. You can tell the difference between the older formula and the newer reformulated bottles just by looking at the label underneath (ninja)


How long ago was this?

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