Paris Hilton - Heiress EDP 50ml spray - £11.95 @ Zavvi

Paris Hilton - Heiress EDP 50ml spray - £11.95 @ Zavvi

Found 16th Jan 2010
Paris Hilton - Heiress EDP 50ml spray £11.95


shouldnt this be called S.L.U.T?

Excellent role model, shouldn't ever girl follow her lead- suck on one of these and become a celeb , don't forget to post on youtube etc.

Heiress or Hairess ?

This could smell really nice but celebrity endorsements particularly from this "celebrity" are just a negative, not voted either way.

I wonder what record for coldest deal is.

Pity rep added :whistling: this price it should be called C.H.E.A.P.

I am so happy we have some people on here who would draw the line at this. I mean COME ON. nnot imagine there is anyone in the world who would wear this garbage and be proud to admit it. It's like someone asks "what are you wearing?" and you go "Paris hilton" or "Brtiney spears" Or "Kylie" or heaven forbid "Beckam or jordan". Jesus christ.

So what are you wearing? "Donald trump"....

Oh holy moly....NO NO NO people.
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