Paris Lockdown DVD £2.37 delivered + 8 ipoints @ 101CD

Paris Lockdown DVD £2.37 delivered + 8 ipoints @ 101CD

Found 4th May 2009
Set in the criminal Parisian underworld PARIS LOCKDOWN centres on the unsavoury activities of gangland leader Claude Corti. Although a ruthless tyrant Corti rewards his most loyal followers with fast cars high-class drugs and expensive women. But those who cross him will live to regret it in the most painful ways imaginable. When Conti is arrested for possession of counterfeit documents his goons are left to their own devices and end up waging a brutal crime-spree upon the city. Stylish and gritty PARIS LOCKDOWN is about as far away from the gangster movie cliche as you can get though it does bear a passing resemblance to American classics SCARFACE and GOODFELLAS in its terrifying realism.

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