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Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen | Classic Black Finish | Medium Point | Blue Ink Sold by VISION LIMITED / FBA

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About this itemGlossy classic black finish is effortlessly fun and stylish
  • Experience the streamlined style and clean lines of the iconic Parker Jotter design
  • Signature retractable design opens and closes with a satisfying click
  • Ultra resistant scratch-free plastic body
  • Fitted with Quinkflow ballpoint refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth writing experience; medium point; also works with Parker gel refills

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  1. fishwibbler's avatar
    I don't understand the love for Parker pens, they're simply posh biros.

    "Get one free with every [insert life assurance provider name here] policy" for the over 50s as if it is some sort of inducement. Far better are gel pens. My handwriting was never great, but at least with a gel pen I can read it back again when I need to, couldn't do that with a Parker pen!

    Also, blue ink? I'm not a savage, I'll use black ink thanks. Especially important for completing forms. When did one ever say please complete in blue ink? Good lord, they'll be telling us the shops open on Sundays next. (edited)
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    For an extra £3 you can get this pen with gel refills! Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen | Classic Black Finish | Medium Point | 2 Ballpoint & 3 Gel Refills | Blue & Black Ink | 6 Count amzn.eu/d/6…reD
  2. Eagerbeaver's avatar
    Blue ink is sometimes needed when filling out international documents as black is considered to be likely a copy rather than original.

    I'm not bothered what brand a pen is as long as it's nice to use.

    People complement my handwriting as I've always felt it's a reflection of you as a person.

    The pens I'm currently using are a Parker which I've had about 40 years. My mum bought it me and a Cross bought by an old girlfriend.

    I've never bought a pen but love getting them as gifts.
  3. Ian_D123's avatar
    I used to love Parker pens, when I used to have to write anything. Those days are long gone now.
    rincage's avatar
    I know what you mean. It's actually hard to write for any length of time now and my handwriting looks shocking.
  4. davidbrent's avatar
    At school in the 90s, we all went through a phase of shoplifting Parker pens from Woolworths. It was seen as a badge of honour to have the pens displayed on your school shirt front pocket, like decorated war veterans wearing medals. Some of us squeezed so many pens the shirt fabric was sagging down. Jesus Christ, Im mortified just thinking about it ..
    jamie.lonsdale's avatar
    Yep, Parker pens top pocket, Pokémon cards back pocket. Conkers, side pockets
  5. pfarre10's avatar
    does it come with a free over 50's life insurance policy?
  6. Scrooge_McDuck's avatar
    Surely these are free if I just sign up to a sunlife funeral plan?
  7. npnw1's avatar
    I make lists for lists lol.. great pens that feel quality.
  8. SpamJavelin's avatar
  9. terriertom's avatar
    Wonder what happened to all the Parker pens that Michael Parkinson used to give away when he was advertising insurance ? Hopefully all those leftover pens in his garage were bequeathed and shared between Billy Connolly, Meg Ryan and Rod Hull's Emu who now lives in a theatrical care home.
  10. returnofthemac's avatar
    Ideal as I bought a 2 pack refill for my current one (fine black, it's the only one to have) heat added
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