Parking from only £1 a day via Spacehopper

Parking from only £1 a day via Spacehopper

Found 13th Aug 2016Made hot 14th Aug 2016
I started using this website last week to book parking in a council car park close to my work for only £1 per day instead of £5. All the other council car parks were at least £1 cheaper than normal. Unfortunately my council pulled out on Friday but I thought others may benefit. Operated by Ringo Parking.


It's been several decades since I owned a SpaceHopper but I don't recall ever having to pay to park it.

Parking in london is ridiculous

It is called "yellow line disease " . The Council employ someone to implement new yellow lines , which creates a problem parking , so they make more yellow lines , which moves the so called " problem " on, so this person has nothing better to do all day but continue the process of implementing new yellow lines all year , till eventually the whole town/city is riddled with them. No one wants to go there let alone and shop there.

Not content with that, under the guise of being " green " the Council then creates congestion by halving existing roads , by putting in bus and taxi lanes.
Then bus lane cameras .

Airport parking is another con. The Council only allow one operator, so no competition. For example Stansted airport , short stay is £30 per day .
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