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Posted 29 December 2022

Parkside 20V Cordless Vehicle Impact Wrench £69.99 @ Lidl

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About this deal

  • Battery and charger included
  • Powerful impact wrench with high torque (400Nm) for vehicle wheel assembly
  • 5 torque levels: 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400Nm (including memory function)
  • With external square tool holder (½”)
  • Integrated LED work light for optimal view when working
  • Practical belt clip on the housing with bottle opener function
  • Switch for forward/reverse rotation
  • Adjustable control of the rotation speed and impact rate via the trigger
  • Handle and housing with non-slip soft grip
  • Includes 20V battery (4Ah) and charger (4.5A)
  • 3-stage LED battery status display on the battery
  • Parkside Cell Balancing - longer battery life and increased battery life through evenly loaded cells
  • Charger with automatic charge switch-off and
  • LED charge indicator
  • With a practical storage case
  • Battery: 20V Li-Ion (4Ah)
  • Running time: 50 minutes (4Ah battery) / 100 minutes (8Ah battery)
  • Torque: 400Nm
  • No-load rotation speed: 0-2300rpm
  • Impact rate: 0-3000bpm
  • Torque: 5 levels (100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400Nm)
  • Square drive: ½”
  • Accessories included: 4 sockets (17 / 19 / 21 / 23 x 75mm)
  • Battery compatible with all tools in the “PARKSIDE X 20V Team” series
  • Case is made from 90% recycled material
  • Recommended battery: 20V (4Ah)
  • 3-year warranty
Lidl More details at Lidl
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  1. Avatar
    I think for just under double the price of last time they can keep it, I'd rather pay the 39.99 than the 70 it is now
    £70 last time, £60 before that. Might have been £40 without the battery and charger..
  2. Avatar
    Does anyone know when Lidl will be stocking 12V Parkside batteries again? Mine died and I can’t use my drill
  3. Avatar
    I found this to be quite inadequate, I've now got the milwaukee stubby and that is a brilliant impact, if you're looking for a good impact I'd avoid this, I know the difference in price puts these in different leagues but you'd be better off saving your money than wasting it on this
    I have this impact. It works great for smaller stuff, but some times it struggles. It does save me a lot of time even if sometimes i need to get the breaker bar out.
  4. Avatar
    Absolute beast of a tool, I didn't expect it to take my wheels off at the price of £39.99 but it was super fast at doing do. I bought a spare too. Heat from me.
  5. Avatar
    Bought this today and its good. 

    Tried on my wheel nuts torqued up to 120nm and it cracks them off no bother on 300 or 400nm setting. 

    Setting to 150nm when doing back up is just about right and just requires a little nip on the torque wrench to 120nm. 
  6. Avatar
    Meh… wasn’t overly impressed with mine… can’t remember the specs to see if they’ve changed. Ok for smaller jobs, but isn’t a smaller gun so …

    No doubt will go fast!
  7. Avatar
    Box box
  8. Avatar
    I'm sure I paid 59.99 for it beginning of last year..
    Sat in boot of car not used
  9. Avatar
    I don't understand  how this says it torques to 400nm but the plug in version says that one only torques to 100nm!
    Plug in version has no torque control except on directional - so you loosen bolts at up to 500Nm ant tighten up to 100Nm
    Cordless version has 5 torque levels: 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400Nm for both tightening and loosening.

    This is quite common approach for corded impact wrenches as workshops never change settings and just go for it, but wheel nuts should be torqued up to 100Nm and then finished with torque wrench to the spec though 100Nm is gonna be fine in most cases.

    Once during tire change I got my wheel bolts tighten to unknown torque by workshop - had to used 1.5m breaker bar to undo them later - wish they would have used that torque wrench which goes max to 100Nm
  10. Avatar
    I'm pretty sure these are a clone of the Draper Stormforce:

    Draper 43785 Storm Force 20V 1/2" Mid-Torque Impact Wrench (400Nm) with 1x 4Ah Battery and Charger…mVF
    They are, although the battery doesn't fit each others without adapting it
  11. Avatar
    It's a decent drill but it's pretty under powered for tight nuts and bolts.
    I paid £59.99 for mine and I've been happy with it overall but I've encountered quite a few things that it wouldn't move.
  12. Avatar
    Brilliant For taking wheel nuts and anti roll bar bolts lower wishbone bolts was a little cheaper when I got one 2 years ago but it comes with 4amp battery plus it's got variable power settings very handy.
  13. Avatar
    Wow ,£70. What was this last time ? About £40?!
  14. Avatar
    Brilliant tool this, if your causal diyer like me then this is perfect. Use my breaker bar a lot less now thanks to it.
  15. Avatar
    Used it to remove rusted bolts I couldn't shift by hand
  16. Avatar
    Can't buy online? Need to check in store?
    starts on the 8th Jan
  17. Avatar
    I have one there great! Bargain
  18. Avatar
    Party on Garth
  19. Avatar
    49266268-Z17nS.jpgAs I am already in on Ryobi is it worth spending £50 more for this ?
  20. Avatar
    Very impressed with mine - £59 , 2 yrs ago.
  21. Avatar
    Any reviews? Would it be any good for a mechanic?
    Might struggle to get some wheel bolts off sometimes.
    Probably not a mechanic's tool