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Posted 14 May 2023

Parkside 4-in-1 Petrol Multi Tool Instore £139.99 at Lidl

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Combination tool with 4 functions: lawn trimmer, strimmer, hedge trimmer and pruner
Simple, tool-free attachment exchange
Optional 90cm extension pole
Safe tree and hedge trimming from the ground - working height up to 3.5m
For easily cutting back weeds and undergrowth
Powerful 1.45kW 2-stroke petrol engine (1.97hp)
Maintenance-free ignition with pull-cord starter
Comfortable harness system with quick-release device
Ergonomic additional handle
Filament spool with automatic filament feed (bump feed)
Cutting diameter 43cm
Robust 3-toothed steel blade
Cutting diameter 25.5cm
Durable high-quality blade made from laser-cut special steel
Tool-free adjustable working angle in 12 steps, from -90° to 75°
Cutting length 48cm
Automatic chain oiling system
Cuts branches up to 30cm thick
Included accessories: Extension pole (90cm), cutting attachment guard, 6m replacement filament, 1 chain protection cover (pole pruner), 1 protective bar cover (hedge trimmer), mixing container, funnel, 100ml organic saw chain oil (Made in Germany), assembly tools, tool bag and protective goggles
3-year warranty
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  1. Jez407's avatar
    This looks good for the price. Anyone got one for a recommendation?
    ms2005's avatar
    I’ve had one a few years. It was £99 at the time so I don’t know if this is different at all.

    It’s useful for modest jobs. The pruner/chainsaw will cut through a good few inches but the chain regularly comes off, I guess it’s only really meant for light pruning.

    The biggest issue is it’s heavy so doing tall hedges, or worse, the top of hedges, is difficult and you can end up just swinging it around.

    Strimmer and brush cutter are both very good and easy to use.

    I’ve not had issues starting mine. Needs a prime and fiddle with the choke bug once you get the hang of it, it’s OK. Can be cold to start after a winter break.
  2. Gazster's avatar
    On third in so many years. Not had heavy use but all failed for various reasons. On a good note Lidl replaced without question and sent a courier to collect the engine section only. I have a shed full of all the attachments from the others! Maybe I was unlucky.
  3. joelsoo's avatar
    I have one too I think previously bought about a year ago for 129.99 I think, used a few times and yesterday started it for trimming on the allotment and it's still going strong.
  4. Riyaal's avatar
    Riyaal Author
    Made in Germany, Lidl haven't had these petrol multi tools in for quite a while now.
    johnjrambo's avatar
    Get em while you can Germany is sacrificing its industrial manufacturing base for the sake of ESGs credits and green energy.......good one Germany......lets see how far you get
  5. mel1408's avatar
    Be advised 2 stroke engines are a PIG to start most times, I have had Ryobi & Aldi tools with 2 stoke engines and both suffered from same fault, now got battery powered....no issues at all! (edited)
    will75's avatar
    Disagree with 2 stroke tools being hard to start, the cheaper ones yes, but get the better ones like Stihl etc and they start easy, even after winter storage
  6. sparky1953's avatar
    Picked one up this morning but be aware there was only 2 in the store, it also has a 3yr guarantee so brilliant deal at this price, don't fancy a battery powered device as there would be no 'power' for cutting !
    Riyaal's avatar
    Riyaal Author
    Nice one. Stil in two minds, if you put it together this weekend and give it a go, please let us know what you think.
  7. mat_smart's avatar
    I also picked one up this morning.

    Good for others, Lidl app had a £10 off coupon for me (unsure if for all) bringing this down to £129.99. I unfortunately bought one before the coupon appeared.

    I used my Lidl 10% off coupon which took £14 off.
  8. sparky1953's avatar
    The switch is biased in the on position
    BarrySprout's avatar
    Thanks, it looked like that was the case but the instructions implied otherwise. Think they may have changed the switch type since the instructions were first producxed.
  9. sparky1953's avatar
    Looks well made and heavy duty,centre ds driveshaft

    Centre driveshaft is splined and about 8mm thick. (edited)
  10. BarrySprout's avatar
    Just picked one of these up and unboxed it. Is the on/off rocker switch supposed to stay in the on position and is just held down to cut the engine? or should I be able to set it in either position and it remain there?
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